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Recent Submissions

  • Beautiful flesh : a body of essays 

    Contributor:Stephanie G'Schwind
    Selected from among the country's leading literary publications--Colorado Review, Crazyhorse, Creative Nonfiction, the Georgia Review, the Normal School, Prairie Schooner, and others--Beautiful Flesh gathers nineteen works ...
  • Escape velocity : poems 

    Contributor:Arning, Bonnie
    From the moment of a marriage's heated inception to its period of luminous crowding and onward into distance and darkness, Bonnie Arning's Escape Velocity asks if it's possible to exist outside the only universe we've ever ...
  • &luckier : poems 

    Contributor:Johnson, Christopher J.
    In his first collection of poems, &luckier, Christopher J Johnson explores the depths to which we can know our most intimate friends, habits, and--even more so--selves. From a mosaic of coffee cups, dinner engagements, ...
  • Exit theater 

    Contributor:Lala, Mike
    Selected by Tyrone Williams for the 2016 Colorado Prize for Poetry, Exit Theater casts classical elegy, with dazzling formal innovation, into a staggering work of contemporary, political polyphony. Through monologues, ...
  • House of sugar, house of stone : poems 

    Contributor:Pérez, Emily
    These poems are suggested by themes and characters found in Grimm's Fairy Tales.
  • Serenity and severity 

    Contributor:Seeling, Caleb
    Serenity and severity form a classic Western dichotomy with many manifestations. Beautiful growth and renewal follow a terrifying and destructive forest fire. Rain upon a hayfield can be interpreted as grace or judgment ...
  • Manifest West : western weird 

    Contributor:Todd, Mark
    The 2015 theme for Manifest West's annual anthology is "Western Weird." The works in this collection reflect both myths and suspected truths about the part of the United States we call "the West." But this year's edition ...
  • The Denver Artists Guild : its founding members : an illustrated history 

    Contributor:Cuba, Stan
    In 1928, the newly organized Denver Artists Guild held its inaugural exhibition in downtown Denver. Little did the participants realize that their initial effort would survive the Great Depression and World War II--and ...
  • A lamp brighter than foxfire : poems 

    Contributor:Nicholson, Andrew S.
    Opening the space between the ordinary and the visionary, the poems in A Lamp Brighter than Foxfire uncover an intimate relationship with the world around them, from Las Vegas to Italy to the American Midwest. From a lime ...
  • The business : poems 

    Contributor:Lenox, Stephanie
  • The verging cities : poems 

    Contributor:Scenters-Zapico, Natalie
    "From undocumented men named Angel, to angels falling from the sky, Natalie Scenters-Zapico's gripping debut collection, The Verging Cities, is filled with explorations of immigration and marriage, narco-violence and ...
  • Denver inside & out 

    Contributor:Colorado Historical Society
  • Supplice 

    Contributor:Cotler, T. Zachary
  • Songs : poems 

    Contributor:Henderson, Derek
  • The Logan notebooks : poems 

    Contributor:Lindenberg, Rebecca
    Clouds, mountains, flowering trees. Difficult things. Things lost by being photographed. Things that have lost their power. Things found in a rural grocery store. These are some of the lists, poems, prose poems, and lyric ...
  • The lesser fields 

    Contributor:Schlegel, Rob
  • The city she was : poems 

    Contributor:Giménez Smith, Carmen
  • The two standards : poems 

    Contributor:Winterer, Heather
  • Upper level disturbances : poems 

    Contributor:Goodan, Kevin
  • We are starved : poems 

    Contributor:Kryah, Joshua
    We Are Starved introduces an important poetic vision, a surprising and exciting voice.

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