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  • Cleo Masia : capstone 

    Masia, Cleo
    The artist's statement: Since the founding of our country we have celebrated and strived for the idealized “American Dream.” In the beginning it was simply a wish for freedom and prosperity, but the American Dream is now ...
  • Troy Lipstein : capstone 

    Lipstein, Troy
    The artist's statement: Over the course of my college career I have investigated all mediums of the fine arts. By the end of my Capstone I have been combining mixed mediums with graphic design. I enjoy mixing untraditional ...
  • Kate Ludlam : capstone 

    Ludlam, Kate
    The artist's statement: The joy that I get out of design comes from both the creation of unique work and the atmosphere of collaboration and communication. As I move from the academic world and in to the professional one ...
  • Veronica Lopez : capstone 

    Lopez, Veronica
    The artist's statement: Someone recently stated that my design work is “elegant.” Though it is not a word I expected to use for myself, it’s word I appreciate and thoroughly enjoy. Elegance is hard to come by in this day ...
  • Cass Kruger : capstone 

    Kruger, Cass
    The artist's statement: My work refers to the human body within the context of gender, sexuality and identity. I explore the vast diversity that exists within these themes and present them in my drawings for the viewer to ...

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