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  • AVMA 2015 report on veterinary capacity 

    Dicks, Michael R.; Bain, Bridgette; Knippenberg, Ross; Johnson, Stanley R.; Kilkenny, Maureen
  • Sarah Bendix : capstone 

    Bendix, Sarah
    The artist's statement: Through my work in fiber I explore narrative, the surreal, and the otherworldly. Since I was quite young, I’ve been fascinated with Elsewhere, other earthly places or fantastic worlds full of spirits ...
  • Corinne Bisland : capstone 

    Bisland, Corinne
    The artist's statement: My entire life has been guided by an artistic sensibility. From as early as I can remember, I always had some sort of artistic medium in my hands. Photography became my greatest passion when my whole ...
  • Brian Ballou : capstone 

    Ballou, Brian
    To view the artist's statement please see the full text of the document.
  • Molly Bjustrom : capstone 

    Bjustrom, Molly
    The artist's statement: The Eleventh Hour Final: Installation. Flashforbe Pro 3D Printer and Makerbot 3D Printer displayed in found 1960’s television sets, PLA and ABS plastic crystals, mirrored acrylic, LED lights, filing ...

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