Recent Submissions

  • Effects of recreation on animals revealed as widespread through a global systematic review 

    Contributor:Larson, Courtney L.; Reed, Sarah E.; Merenlender, Adina M.; Crooks, Kevin R.
    Outdoor recreation is typically assumed to be compatible with biodiversity conservation and is permitted in most protected areas worldwide. However, increasing numbers of studies are discovering negative effects of recreation ...
  • Foraging ecology of black bears in urban environments : guidance for human-bear conflict mitigation 

    Contributor:Lewis, D. L.; Baruch-Mordo, S.; Wilson, K. R.; Breck, S. W.; Mao, J. S.; Broderick, J.
    Urban environments offer wildlife novel anthropogenic resources that vary spatiotemporally at fine scales. Property damage, economic losses, human injury, or other human-wildlife conflicts can occur when wildlife use these ...
  • Will elephants soon disappear from West African savannahs? 

    Contributor:Bouché, Philippe; Douglas-Hamilton, Iain; Wittemyer, George; Nianogo, Aimé J.; Doucet, Jean-Louis; Lejeune, Philippe; Vermeulen, Cédric
    Precipitous declines in Africa's native fauna and flora are recognized, but few comprehensive records of these changes have been compiled. Here, we present population trends for African elephants in the 6,213,000 km2 ...