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  • Packaging human expresschön : the intersection of visual communication, art, and music 

    Contributor:Schwartz, Tim;
    Date Submitted:2017
    The human ability to communicate and share thoughts and ideas is fascinating and is the foundation upon which our cultures and societies have been built. I examine human expression through words, art, graphic design, and ...
  • Collected fragments 

    Contributor:Gabriel, Katie;
    Date Submitted:2017
    This paper explores the connections between memory and identity existing in my artworks that reimagine family photographs. I am interested in the ability of photographs, objects, and patterns to prop up, and in many cases, ...
  • Gloss : an incomplete glossary 

    Contributor:Lindsten, Scott;
    Date Submitted:2000
    Artmaking at the end of the twentieth century became engulfed by theory. In the wake of such movements as poststructuralism, deconstructionism, and postmodernism, came a reexamination of aesthetics which incorporated an ...
  • Loss and plenty : a banquet of age and spirit 

    Contributor:Sternlieb, Susan Joy;
    Date Submitted:2000
    This exhibition presents a still life tableau on a wooden banquet table, eighteen feet by three and one half feet. The objects on the table are platters, bowls, shards and potatoes of fired clay and urethane rubber. All ...
  • Forging across boundaries 

    Contributor:Bereza, Gene Anthony;
    Date Submitted:2002
    In this thesis I employ my art as a medium for personal narrative and my outlook of the world. I use forged metal in the majority of the works but I also employ other metalsmithing techniques and include non-metal materials ...
  • Gifts to a pagan grace 

    Contributor:Streams, Cheryl Josephine;
    Date Submitted:1994
    This thesis explores the inspiration and passion that have transformed my ideas into physical forms. By breaking boundaries, I explore both physical and surrounding space in the process of creating metal forms. Thus, in ...
  • Naturaleza muerta 

    Contributor:Mott, Cynthia;
    Date Submitted:1995
    I am constantly seeking out images that surround my daily life. I am attracted to the refuse of man-made objects that are left behind in varying states of decay. They become the records of existence, of the comings and ...
  • The ubiquitious equine 

    Contributor:Kaup, Karla M. Parker;
    Date Submitted:1995
    I have been a connoisseur of the American back road for quite some time now. "Rural America" is a subculture that is quiet, yet powerful. As I swallow endless ribbons of asphalt one common sight has captivated me all my ...
  • Nothing stays unchanged 

    Contributor:Kim, Unmi;
    Date Submitted:1989
    The concepts of time and memory have been the dominant influence in my work for a number of years. The two are inextricably linked to the reality in which we live and the manner in which we perceive that reality. It was ...
  • Planes of reality 

    Contributor:Tisdale, Tracy Lee;
    Date Submitted:1990
    I am using a format of a barrage of selected images to show the inundation of images we as individuals receive on a daily basis. Each panel is composed of bordered images, combined to produce a comprehensive subject. The ...
  • A personal symbolism 

    Contributor:Ash, Lori Jean;
    Date Submitted:1984
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • The Putnam River stories : blankets from 1984 to 1987 

    Contributor:Trottmann, Robert Bruce;
    Date Submitted:1987
    The blankets are about birds, rivers, deer, and sticks. They are about the stages: life, death, birth, and rebirth. They describe walking crippled and not walking at all, fences, stairways, barriers, and protection. They ...
  • Object, emotion and materials 

    Contributor:Canary, Susan;
    Date Submitted:1984
    The lithographs and watercolors of my thesis are still lives and landscapes which demonstrate my concerns with personal, emotional subject matter and simultaneous exploration of the mediums.
  • Mirage 

    Contributor:Magada, Michael F.;
    Date Submitted:1997
    The results of my involvement with abstract form, subjective content, and referential imagery have evolved into my thesis work which is a series of landscape paintings collectively entitled Mirage. Thematically, the paintings ...
  • Axis mundi 

    Contributor:Valenti, Anne;
    Date Submitted:1991
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • Building drawings with patterns of processed stereotyped motifs 

    Contributor:Herbert, Frank L.;
    Date Submitted:1982
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • Masks and transformations 

    Contributor:Smalley, Lowell K.;
    Date Submitted:1989
    I use the mask as a vehicle to carry the symbols I feel call attention to the metaphors which best represent my philosophy of life. Inspired by my studies of Ancient American (Mayan and Anasazi) art and archaeology, I use ...
  • Interior event 

    Contributor:Bridges, Amy C.;
    Date Submitted:1984
    My work is based on rooms I have entered, where a corner or objects on a table quicken and stimulate me visually. The way things are placed geometrically and the way light falls to alter and distort them becomes a phenomenon ...
  • Being : in badges 

    Contributor:Coder, Cara;
    Date Submitted:2016
    As a woman in contemporary society, I am often at odds with my physical appearance and comparing it to how I “should” look. Through Being: In Badges I use the format of the brooch to make visible my daily battle to love ...
  • Cut with your eyes, glue with 'em too 

    Contributor:Ruff, Colin;
    Date Submitted:2016
    In the mode of postmodernism, my work attempts to create a meta-narrative by using elements of the larger, grander, and delusional narrative of our American experience. I am interested in exploring the effects of experience ...

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