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        3D synthetic aperture for controlled-source electromagnetics [1]
        A bidirectional converter for battery based energy system for residential applications [1]
        A communication framework for a self-organized ad hoc microgrid [1]
        A comprehensive assessment of a hybrid ultrafiltration-osmotic membrane bioreactor for potable water reuse and nutrient removal from municipal wastewater [1]
        A coupled nuclear reactor thermal energy storage system for enhanced load following operation [1]
        A discrete element methodology for the analysis of cohesive granular bulk solid materials [1]
        A first-principles study of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites for photovoltaic applications [1]
        A fundamental study on the effects of heterogeneity on trapping of dissolved CO2 in deep geological formations through intermediate-scale testing and numerical modeling [1]
        A geobiological investigation of the hypersaline sediments of Pilot Valley, Utah : a terrestrial analog to ancient lake basins on Mars [1]
        A geophysical investigation of Jersey Valley geothermal field using magnetotelluric and gravity data [1]
        A laboratory investigation of the thermoelectric effect in clean silica sands [1]
        A method for quantitative economic risk assessment of post-fire debris flows [1]
        A method for using activity recognition to improve ensemble forecasting for traffic systems [1]
        A performance study of an implementation of the push-relabel maximum flow algorithm in Apache Spark's GraphX [1]
        A semi-empirical assessment of plunge pool scour : two-dimensional application of Annandale's Erodibility Index Method on four dams in British Columbia, Canada [1]
        A study of normal mode solutions for seismo-acoustic propagation scenarios : a generalized range-independent case, earthquake modeling using seismic moment tensors, and an improved moment tensor inversion method [1]
        A study of thermoelectric properties of graphene materials [1]
        Accessed drainage volume and recovery factors of fractured horizontal wells under transient flow [1]
        Active and passive electrical and seismic time-lapse monitoring of earthen embankments [1]
        Algorithms for increased efficiency of finite element slope stability analysis [1]