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        3D Anatoli P-wave simultaneous inversion for Wattenberg facies modeling [1]
        A green roof heat and mass transfer model coupled with a finite difference method for building energy simulations [1]
        A kernel-based Lagrangian method for imperfectly-mixed chemical reactions [1]
        A numerical heat transfer model to evaluate the thermal performance of building envelopes enhanced with phase change materials [1]
        A route to low-cost, flexible solar cells : rational design of the organic charge transport layer [1]
        A smart energy harvesting system for wireless charging applications [1]
        Active seismic monitoring of rocks under uniaxial compression [1]
        An in situ optical diagnostic study of the atomic layer etching of SiO2 [1]
        An innovative computational approach for modeling thermo-hydro processes within enhanced geothermal [1]
        Analysis of an under floor air distribution (UFAD) system in a dense occupancy environment [1]
        Analysis of well and fault modeling in comparison to seismic data for characterization of an enhanced geothermal system [1]
        Annual energy production for 2 bladed versus 3 bladed wind turbine [1]
        Assessing the binding of lanthanides and actinides with sulfur donating ligands [1]
        Atomic norm minimization for modal analysis with random spatial compression [2]
        Borehole thermal energy storage : a long term energy storage solution [1]
        Comparison of methods for calculating the rate of appearance of exogenous glucose [1]
        Coupled porous-medium and free-flow across wavy surface [1]
        Development of advanced nickel-titanium-hafnium alloys for tribology applications [1]
        Distinguishing between neutron and gamma radiation with plastic scintillators [1]
        Drought impacts on plant water stress in a mountain headwaters system using an integrated hydrologic model [1]