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        A detailed record of the smelting results obtained from the treatment of two lots, one of Iron Silver and one of Small Hopes zinc ores at the test works of the International Metallurgical Co., Denver, Colorado [1]
        A geologic report of the Douglas Creek phosphate area : Granite County, Montana [1]
        A geological study with historical notes of Creede Mines, Inc. [1]
        A modern sampling, milling and reduction plant at Salida, Colorado [1]
        A report concerning the Ten Broeck Mine, Chaffee County, Colorado [1]
        A report on a sample of tailings from the Prince Albert Mine, Central Mining District, Boulder County, Colorado [1]
        A report on Group no. 2 of the Almaden Mines Co. [1]
        A report on the Dominguez Cement Shales [1]
        A report on the feasibility of establishing a mica-feldspar business in Denver [1]
        A report on the Little Negro claim, Lake County, Colo. [1]
        A report on the oil prospects of the Denver Basin [1]
        A report on the property of the White Hills Mining Company at White Hills, Mohave County, Arizona [1]
        A report on the property of Tiger Lily Mining and Milling Co. Granite, Colo. [1]
        A review of ore related to the Madonna and Mayflower faults, Madonna Mine, Chaffee County, Colo. [1]
        A review, complied from reports on the consolidated holdings of Sternberger brothers on the Pennsylvania Mining Power and Reduction Co., Lucania Mines and Tunnel Co., Fall River Power Co., Lotus group of mines, Rara Avis mines, et al. [1]
        A volcano that never erupted, Pueblo County, Colorado : 1924 Dept. of the Interior release [1]
        Advisory report on future exploration and development work : Emancipation Mine, Boulder, Colorado [1]
        Annual report of the Isabella Mines Company, Teller County : for the year 1913 [1]
        Anthracite industry in the Donetz Basin, Russia [1]
        Appraisal of the Gilsonite Mines and property of the Gilson Asphaltum Company, Uintah Co. Utah [1]