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        A lower-limb exoskeleton emulator to be employed in estimation of hip impedance in normal gait [1]
        A new methodology to evaluate critical fire life safety and emergency preparedness in vehicular road tunnels [1]
        A numerical and experimental analysis of bare soil resistance in homogeneous and heterogeneous soils [1]
        A qualitative risk assessment and identification of key drivers for consideration during selection of a copper tailings disposal technology [1]
        A wireless energy harvesting system with beamforming capabilities [1]
        Acceleration of finite difference time domain modeling using GPU and transfer functions with application to channel modeling [1]
        Actinide-aminopolycarboxylate complexation thermodynamics : americium, berkelium, californium, and einsteinium [1]
        An analysis of landslide volume, structures, and kinematics from satellite imagery of the 2016 Lamplugh rock avalanche, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska [1]
        An experimental study to investigate the effects of in situ stress state and rock-fluid interactions on propped fracture conductivity in the Vaca Muerta formation [1]
        Anticipation guided proactive intention prediction for assistive robots [1]
        Application of the seismic quality factor versus offset and azimuth (QVOA) for fractured reservoir characterization [1]
        Applications of geostatistical seismic inversion to the Vaca Muerta, Neuquen Basin, Argentina [1]
        Applications of high resolution topography in tectonic geomorphology [1]
        Assessment of the progression of coal mine subsidence in Colorado, using InSAR [1]
        Biogeochemical and ecological impacts resulting from beetle-induced forest mortality [1]
        Biohydrochemical enhancements for streamwater treatment : engineered hyporheic zones to increase hyporheic exchange, control residence times, and improve water quality [1]
        Biophysical mechanisms regulating Von Willebrand disease, arterial thrombosis, and deep vein thrombosis in microfluidic models of vascular injury [1]
        CFD modeling of a tailgate ventilation condition in a longwall bleeder system [1]
        Characterization of ferroelasticity in rare-earth orthophosphates by nanoindentation [1]
        Coking resistant Pd-Au composite membranes and Cu-based electrodes by electroless plating for H₂ separation and purification [1]