Recent Submissions

  • Cloud based Web Resilience using Node.js 

    Contributor:Gunnam, Pragati;
    Date Submitted:2017-08
    Web services are used almost everyday and for everything. Combining these with cloud based services would allow the web applications to become more available for the users. Delivering such cloud based web applications to ...
  • Optimizing Pedestrian Flow In Airports 

    Contributor:Jordan, Gabriel;
    Date Submitted:2017-05
    Denver International Airport has expressed interest in discovering innovative techniques to optimize pedestrian flow in its massive airport which contains upwards of 53 million passengers each year that travel through the ...
  • Deep Learning For Brain Tumor Segmentation 

    Contributor:Moreno Lopez, Marc;
    Date Submitted:2017-05
    In this work, we present a novel method to segment brain tumors using deep learning. An accurate brain tumor segmentation is key for a patient to get the right treatment and for the doctor who must perform surgery. Due to ...
  • Towards Community Cloud Trustworthiness 

    Contributor:Alotaibi, Ahad;
    Date Submitted:2016-08
    Alotaibi, Ahad Saad (M.S, Computer science) Towards Community Cloud Trustworthiness Thesis directed by Associate Professor Edward Chow. In this thesis we presented an authorization system for community cloud. We ...
  • Learning Indoor Localization using Radio Received Signal Strength 

    Contributor:Kulkarni, Gauri;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    With this research we will investigate a novel machine learning approach to the prediction of location from received signal strength indicators (RSSI) values obtained from these transmitting access points. Indoor localization ...
  • The Design and Implementation of a Mobile Healthcare System with AppleWatch For Seniors (MyHealth) 

    Contributor:Alfaidi, Arij;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    In this thesis, we developed and implemented a mobile Healthcare app, called MyHealth, on the iPhone with Apple watch to help seniors to manage their health life. MyHealth reminds the users to take their medicine and records ...
  • FHIR : Cell-Level Security and Real Time Access with Accumulo 

    Contributor:Ruiz, Daniel Alfonso;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) requires the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for seventy percent of the primary care provider population by 2014. Furthermore, by 2015 providers are expected ...
  • Non-uniformity aware disk scheduling in multitenant cloud 

    Contributor:Pasaret Herrero, Albert;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    With cloud computing becoming more and more popular, the need for obtaining a good multitenant systems is increasing. This thesis present a variation of the CFQ I/O scheduler that will provide fair throughput allocation ...
  • Friendly Security Code-Based Image and Audio 

    Contributor:Alharbi, Khalid A.;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The intent of our research is the development of the CAPTCHA system and improve the accessibility and usability of the CAPTCHA system. Accessibility is one of the two vital components of a CAPTCHA system. In the current ...
  • On community-based authentication factor 

    Contributor:Alkhattabi, Khalid Hammad;
    Date Submitted:2015-12
    In this thesis, we explore the use of community Information as a factor for authentication and authorization, called it Community-based Factor (CBF), and resent the design and implementation of a Community-based Authentication ...
  • Lifeline Infrastructure Risk Analysis (LIRA) Application 

    Contributor:Burkhart, Aaron Michael;
    Date Submitted:2015-12
    The field of Critical Infrastructure Protection has received increased attention in the face of terrorism, natural disasters, and other threats to lifeline assets. Several standards and methodologies have been proposed and ...
  • MAUE : A Framework For Detecting Energy Bugs From User Interactions On Mobile Applications 

    Contributor:Alshammeri, Menwa Hayef K.;
    Date Submitted:2015-12
    Smart phones are becoming ubiquitous in our society, being used for email, business, entertainment, every day activities, and more. Such devices are improving exponentially in terms of computation power and application ...