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  • Virginia's "Massive Folly": Harry Byrd, Prince Edward County and the Front Line 

    Contributor:Grant, Laura
    This paper examines the closure of public schools in Prince Edward County, Virginia from 1959-1964 in an effort to avoid desegregation. Specifically, the paper traces the roots of the political actions which led to the ...
  • Ending Food Monopolization 

    Contributor:Spurgeon, Justin
    The United States has witnessed the rise of corporations engaged in monopolistic practices within food production and sale. This rise has paralleled a trend towards corporatism within government. This letter was drafted ...
  • Killing Watts: Ghost Loads at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs 

    Contributor:Davis, John E.
    Ghost loads (also known as phantom loads, vampire loads, standby power or leaking electricity) needlessly consume electricity when electronic devices are not in use, costing institutions money and needlessly sending tons ...
  • Social Networking: The Unharnessed Educational Tool 

    Contributor:Waddington, Jayme
    In today's digital world teens are increasingly incorporating social networking into all aspects of their lives. This paper explores the topic of teen social networking and how the incorporation of social networking within ...
  • An Evaluation and Proposal of Growth Hormones in Beef 

    Contributor:Stretcher, Kayla N.
    Beef growth hormones are a controversial subject on many sides. These sides include stakeholders of all areas such as environmentalists, the government, and consumers. While the dangerous effects of growth hormones on the ...
  • The Employment of Rhetorical Strategies in Writing Literary Criticism: An Introduction for College Freshman 

    Contributor:Ballard, Brandi L.
    As a field of study, literary criticism is open to the constant review and reinterpretation of accepted literary works. Although new interpretations are welcome, the audience must be convinced of the value and validity of ...
  • The View from the Borderlands: U.S. Foreign Policy and September 11th 

    Contributor:Borkowski, Alexandra G.
    Two significant contributions to the September 11th political dialogue are Arundhati Roy's essay "The Algebra of Infinite Justice" and Mohsin Hamid's novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The South Asian perspectives supplied ...
  • Video Games: Evolving from a Simple Pastime to One of the Most Influential Industries in the World 

    Contributor:Lyons, Catherine
    Video games have gone from a childish pastime to a major force on the global stage. Many people today see video games as a pointless pastime, played only by young people, with little to no real use. But in reality, other ...
  • Elmira Prison 

    Contributor:Jones, Cydney
    This paper provides a historical narrative of the often forgotten Elmira prison camp, a notorious Civil War prison managed by the Union. This narrative describes the people and the conditions that help make Elmira prison ...
  • CIA and KGB Covert Operations in Iran and Afghanistan and how it affects the US in the war on Terror with an emphasis on Saudi Arabia 

    Contributor:Novy, Aaron
    The purpose of this paper is to explore what happened to the world in relation to terrorism after the fall of the USSR and examine if CIA and KGB operations contributed to terrorism. When the world was in a bipolar state ...
  • Black Ink and White Paper: The Traditional Art of Chinese Calligraphy 

    Contributor:Peveto, Ariane
    Shu fa, or "the way of writing," is an art deeply rooted in the long tradition of aesthetic beauty in Chinese culture. Chinese calligraphy remains a vibrant and practical art form that encompasses all of that country's ...
  • Operation Cyclone: How the United States Defeated the Soviet Union 

    Contributor:Billard, Robert D., Jr.
    The Soviet-Afghan War was the source of increased hostilities between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1980s. The purpose of this research is to determine how much influence the United States, through covert ...
  • Total War and the American Civil War: An Exploration of the Applicability of the Label "Total War" to the Conflict of 1861-1865 

    Contributor:Haines, Amy Renee
    The Civil War of 1861-1865 is labeled the first modern war in America's history. It is also labeled as a "total war." This article explores the broader definition of "total war" and whether the term is accurately applied ...
  • The Scaling Limitations of Internal Combustion Micro Engines 

    Contributor:Griebel, Joseph Charles Pius
    Over the past decade, there has been a large push for the miniaturization of internal combustion engines. This is largely due to the relatively high energy density of hydrocarbons, which tend to be the preferred energy ...
  • Sustainability of a Red Meat Diet 

    Contributor:Grounds, Thomas Christopher
    Red meat consumption in the United States has reached excessive levels over the past fifty years, maintaining an average level of consumption twice that of the rest of the world's population. Red meat consumption has been ...
  • Continental vs. Analytic Philosophy and the Irrationality of this Division 

    Contributor:Spence, Katie Lynn
    There are two main approaches to philosophy that make up philosophical discourse: continental and analytic. Analytic philosophy is concerned with true/false premises, and continental philosophy is concerned with how things ...
  • Darfur: A Distant Third Priority 

    Contributor:Cyrus, Susannah
    Cyrus proposes incorporating more human rights education into the United States' education system, beginning at an early level. By starting with education, the United States could adopt a stronger stance on universal human ...
  • Anthropogenic Activities and Resource Shortages: The Case of Darfur 

    Contributor:Hermann, Wesley P.
    Hermann continues his looks at Malthusian pressures as a contributing factor in the crisis at Darfur. This article focuses on ecological damage caused by human activity combined with rising populations in Darfur as the ...
  • Change for Women's Sake 

    Contributor:Mench, Diane
    Mench argues changing humanitarian aid policies to benefit women refugees will reduce dependency on foreign aid. Targeting the refugee crisis in Darfur, the author proposes humanitarian assistance is needed specifically ...
  • A Proposal for a New Definition of Genocide 

    Contributor:Bailey, Brian
    Bailey deconstructs the United Nations' definition of "genocide" to reveal its flaws, specifically in the case of defining Darfur as genocide, rather than its current status as a "humanitarian crisis." This paper outlines ...

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