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  • Topology Inference in Store, Code, and Forward Networks 

    Contributor:Larmore, Gregory;
    Date Submitted:2016-12
    This thesis presents a technique for active topology inference in store, code, and forward networks. Many techniques exist and are well suited for store-and-forward and cut-through switching. However, these simpler techniques ...
  • LexBank: A Multilingual Lexical Resource for Low-Resource Languages 

    Contributor:AL Tarouti, FERAS ALI;
    Date Submitted:2016-08
    In this dissertation, we present new methods to create essential lexical resources for low-resource languages. Specifically, we develop methods for enhancing automatically created wordnets. As a baseline, we start by ...
  • Towards Community Cloud Trustworthiness 

    Contributor:Alotaibi, Ahad;
    Date Submitted:2016-08
    Alotaibi, Ahad Saad (M.S, Computer science) Towards Community Cloud Trustworthiness Thesis directed by Associate Professor Edward Chow. In this thesis we presented an authorization system for community cloud. We ...
  • Human Motion: Analysis of Similarity and Dissimilarity Using Orthogonal Changes of Direction on Given Trajectories 

    Contributor:Torres Reyes, Francisco Javier;
    Date Submitted:2016-08
    The analysis of motion similarity, particularly human motion similarity, is needed in different areas of study: motion blending, where new motions are generated from previous ones and they are intended to be as realistic ...
  • Towards application-centric fairness in multi-tenant clouds with adaptive CPU sharing 

    Contributor:Ayodele, Anthony Ojo;
    Date Submitted:2016-08
    The ongoing rush for cloud-based services by small, medium, and large-scale organizations in other to reduce operational cost overhead, and have more flexibility in the deployment of business applications continues unabated. ...
  • Beyond Cryptography : A Multi-layer Approach to Communication Privacy 

    Contributor:Gross, Nathaniel;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    Recent developments in the field of physical-layer security are beginning to challenge commonly-held assumptions of how security can be obtained in a communication system. Conventional security practices almost always rely ...
  • Developing an Innovative Framework for Design and Analysis of Privacy Enhancing Video Surveillance 

    Contributor:Chattopadhyay, Ankur Chattopadhyay;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    PEVS has been an important research area in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition during the last decade. Research publications on PEVS include different approaches for addressing various issues of privacy ...
  • Learning Indoor Localization using Radio Received Signal Strength 

    Contributor:Kulkarni, Gauri;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    With this research we will investigate a novel machine learning approach to the prediction of location from received signal strength indicators (RSSI) values obtained from these transmitting access points. Indoor localization ...
  • Characterization of rain induced leaf vibrations 

    Contributor:Ginebra-Solanellas, Roser Maria;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The characterization of droplet impact induced vibrations of three different leaf species was conducted. To do this, linear regression models were fit to experimental data, obtained from the measurement of physical ...
  • The Design and Implementation of a Mobile Healthcare System with AppleWatch For Seniors (MyHealth) 

    Contributor:Alfaidi, Arij;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    In this thesis, we developed and implemented a mobile Healthcare app, called MyHealth, on the iPhone with Apple watch to help seniors to manage their health life. MyHealth reminds the users to take their medicine and records ...
  • Cancer screening and detection using terahertz dielectric spectroscopy 

    Contributor:Zubair, Kazi Sums;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The sensitivity of terahertz absorption to water, biological tissue structure content, and the degree of hydration of diseased tissues are exploited to distinguish between normal and malignant human skin tissues. This can ...
  • Connecting the Perception of Emotion to Music Signals 

    Contributor:Wood, Pamela A.;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    Determining the emotional impact of a particular musical excerpt can be challenging when dealing with human perceptions. It is not possible to ensure that each person will have a comparable experience. In addition, cultural ...
  • Malware provenance : detecting code reuse in malicious software 

    Contributor:Upchurch, Jason R.;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    Detecting code reuse in software has applications in malicious code analysis and malware code search and retrieval, but is complicated by the lack of available source code. Malware Provenance examines the difficulties in ...
  • Improving performance and sustainability in Big Data Clouds 

    Contributor:Cheng, Dazhao;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    Big Data analytics and Cloud Computing have become two increasingly important IT paradigms to enhance business agility and productivity. As Cloud Computing offers a cost-effective way to support Big Data analytics, it ...
  • Remote authentication using vaulted fingerprint verification 

    Contributor:Alzahrani, Hamdan Ahmed;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    Fingerprint biometrics are increasingly used for identity verification. However, these require a careful balance of accuracy and privacy that is missing in many implementations. This dissertation describes a new biometric ...
  • Coupled Electromagnetic and Thermal Characterization of Bio-Inspired Frequency Selective Surfaces 

    Contributor:Amundson, Thomas Ray;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    This work presents the results of a computational study of the interaction of visible light and bio-inspired structures with the goal of understanding of the coupled electromagnetic and thermal phenomena in these structures. ...
  • An Experimental Study of Positive and Negative Thermophoresis 

    Contributor:Bosworth, Ryan Wayne;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    A procedure for the measurement of positive and negative thermophoretic force on a macroscopic scale is presented. Force is measured utilizing a nano-Newton Thrust stand and are taken for pressures ranging from 0.015 to ...
  • Friendly Security Code-Based Image and Audio 

    Contributor:Alharbi, Khalid A.;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The intent of our research is the development of the CAPTCHA system and improve the accessibility and usability of the CAPTCHA system. Accessibility is one of the two vital components of a CAPTCHA system. In the current ...
  • A fast and scalable hardware architecture for K-means clustering for big data analysis 

    Contributor:Raghavan, Ramprasad;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The exponential growth of complex, heterogeneous, dynamic, and unbounded data, generated by a variety of fields including health, genomics, physics, and climatology pose significant challenges in data processing and desired ...
  • FHIR : Cell-Level Security and Real Time Access with Accumulo 

    Contributor:Ruiz, Daniel Alfonso;
    Date Submitted:2016-05
    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) requires the adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for seventy percent of the primary care provider population by 2014. Furthermore, by 2015 providers are expected ...

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