Recent Submissions

  • Motion to access gates 

    Contributor:Haglund, Norman D.; Rodriguez, Catherine V.
    Photocopied map of La Sierra Access Gates; letter from Ronald L. Fano, Grimshaw and Herring, P. C. to Costilla County Board of Commissioners concerning Cielo Vista Ranch, October 15, 2008; District Court, Costilla County, ...
  • Access holders - 2005 report 

    Contributor:Duncan, Dave; Duncan, Yolanda; McLane, Linda F.; San Luis Valley Title
    San Luis Valley Title researched documents related to the 1913 Survey of the San Pedro Lands to create a report of access holders related to the Taylor Ranch in 2005: Provisional list of ranch access status of additional ...
  • Holland and Hart 

    Contributor:Gallegos, Antonio M.; Baker, Shari R.; Mora, Pablo Carlos; Holland & Hart; Land Rights Council; La Sierra Publications, Inc.; Pueblo chieftain
    Holland and Hart business cards, newspaper articles, letters, statements, forms, reports, and resume held by the Land Rights Council
  • Lobato v. Taylor - notice of appeal (81CV5) 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Jeffrey A.; Perricone, Gaspar F.
    Court of Appeals, State of Colorado, Case No. 81CV5: Notice of appeal from order of the District Court of Costilla County, Colorado, Gaspar Perricone, Senior Judge Presiding by Jeffrey A. Goldstein; Order, Apolinar Rael ...
  • Lobato v. Taylor, Colorado Supreme Court case no. 00 SC 527 

    Contributor:Garcia, Richard D.; Reich, Peter L.
    Colorado Supreme Court, Case no. 00 SC 527, Eugene Lobato v. Zachary Taylor, Motion of Bi-National Human Rights Commission, International Indian Treaty Council, National Chicano Human Rights Council, Commission de Derechos ...
  • Clarification - access rights 

    Contributor:Harring, Richard L.; Fano, Ronald L.; Welch, Richard; Sanderson, John; Land Rights Council
    District Court, Costilla County, Colorado, Case number 81 CV 5, Eugene Lobato, et al. v. Zachary Taylor, as Executor of the Estate of Jack T. Taylor, Jr., deceased: Defendant CVR Properties, LTD's motion for further ...
  • Bond on appeal 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Jeffrey A.; Lobato, Emilio, Jr.; Lobato, Eugene; Jaquez, Charlie; Rose, Richard C.
    Correspondence from Jeffrey A. Goldstein to Mike Gomez and Joseph Quintana, June 6, 1996; District Court, County of Costilla, State of Colorado, 81CV5, Eugene Lobato, Bonnie Lobato, Emilio Lobato, Jr., Ed Espinoza, Pete ...
  • Legal team/Impact Fund 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Jeffrey A.
    Letter from Jeffrey A. Goldstein to Mr. Seligman, dated January 25, 1998, concerning an application urgent request for support from the Impact Fund for the Rael vs. Taylor class action land rights lawsuit and a funding ...
  • Notice of intended use - case #81CV5 

    District Court, Costilla County, Colorado, Case number 81 CV 5, Eugene Lobato, et al. v. Zachary Taylor, as Executor of the Estate of Jack T. Taylor, Jr., deceased: Advisory listing of areas of agreement and disagreement ...
  • CLC [Colorado Lawyers Committee] letter to plaintiffs 6/23/1997 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Jeffrey A.; Arenales, Elisabeth; Colorado Lawyers Committee
    Colorado Lawyers Committee letters to Rael v. Taylor plaintiffs, dated June 23, 1997, and August 21, 1997; Agren Reporting and Video, Inc. provided a form to Jeffery A. Goldstein concerning the deposition of Eugene Joseph ...
  • Legal team proposal 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Jeffrey A.
    An urgent appeal for support to regain historical Mexican land grant rights in Costilla County, Colorado, by Jeffrey A. Goldstein, a legal team proposal for Rael v. Taylor, dated May 17, 1995
  • Exhibit A: Rael vs. Taylor 

    Contributor:Stoller, Marianne L.
    Exhibit A, Rael vs. Taylor, contains "Preliminary manuscript on the history of the Sangre de Cristo Land Grand [sic Grant] and the claims of the people of the Culebra River Villages on their lands" by Marianne L. Stoller
  • Case 81CV5 

    Contributor:Perricone, Gaspar F.
    District court, County of Costilla, State of Colorado, Case No. 81CV5, Apolinar Rael vs. Zachary Taylor, as Executor of the Estate of Jack T. Taylor, Jr., deceased: Plaintiffs' joint response to Interrogatory Nos. 55, 170, ...
  • District Court - Case 81CV5 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Jeffrey A.
    District Court of Costilla County, Case 81CV5, includes: Summons of March 11, 1981; Return of Service; First amended complaint to quiet title to land; Amended lis pendens or notice of pendency of action; and Exhibit A
  • 1992 Supreme Court Rule 

    Contributor:Vollack, Anthony F.
    1992 Supreme Court Rule, Rael v. Taylor, No. 92SC74, Justice Vollack dissenting argument
  • Torrens 

    Contributor:Miller, David H.
    Colorado Court of Appeals, Case number 087CA0658, Appeal from the District Court of Costilla County, Trial court number 81 CV 5, Apolinar Rael vs. Jack T. Taylor, submitted by David H. Miller, American Civil Liberties Union ...
  • Legal Action 1981 (81-F-517) 

    Contributor:Finesilver, Sherman G.; Wolf, Albert B.; Manspeaker, James R.
    In the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 81-F-517, Apolinar Rael, et al. vs. Jack T. Taylor: Order granting plaintiff's motion to remand of July 31, 1981, signed by Sherman G. ...
  • Service of summons 

    Service of summons to include a list of names, exhibit A to motion for service of process by mail, list of defendants without addresses, list of corporations without addresses, and original service of summons
  • Retainer agreement - LRC authorization by plaintiff 

    Contributor:Land Rights Council
    Multiple signed retainer agreements written in English or Spanish from 1980. Signatures of plaintiffs authorized the Land Rights Council and their legal representation to pursue any and all claims or rights that with other ...
  • Retainer agreements 

    Contributor:Land Rights Council
    List of plaintiffs and multiple signed retainer agreements for the law offices of Karp, Goldstein and Stern, attorneys for the Land Rights Council of Chama, Colorado, and/or any other legal representative of the Land Rights ...

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