Recent Submissions

  • Lydia Lorena Bardwell Wathen memoir 

    Contributor:Wathen, Lydia L. Bardwell
    Photocopies of Lydia Wathen's memoir (the location of the original handwritten memoir is unknown). The memoir includes recollections of Wathen's life-long travels throughout the U. S. West. Note that handwritten page 119 ...
  • William Thomas Early diary 

    Contributor:Early, William T.
    Handwritten diary of Englishman William Early's travels and associated materials. Early's diary includes 1878 trips to Paris, France, and Holly Hill in Hampshire, England, an 1883 trip from Georgetown, Guyana, to Toronto, ...
  • Evergreens guestbook 

    Contributor:Akin, Neyllie; McCormick, George C.; Johnson, Dean S. Arthur
    Guestbook of the Evergreens, a cabin in Poudre Canyon above Mishawaka, containing entries by owners and guests, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The Evergreens was also known as Camp McCormick between 1923 and 1930.
  • Amelia Buss diary 

    Contributor:Buss, AmeliaSusan H. Armitage (Susan Hodge), 1937-;
    Handwritten diary by Amelia Buss and derivative materials. Buss's diary covers 1866 to 1867 and includes a detailed account of her family's travels from Boonville, New York, to Fort Collins, Colorado, and their first year ...
  • John Mosley Ayres journals 

    Contributor:Ayres, John MosleyCarstarphen, Chapel;
    Journals of planter John Mosley Ayres. Journals cover Ayres' life in Ralls County, Missouri, including his farm, church activities, family gatherings, school directors' meetings, and trips and eventual moves to Rensselaer ...