Recent Submissions

  • Epidemiology, equilibria, and ebola : a dynamical analysis 

    Contributor:Harper, Graham B.
    Date Submitted:2015
    In order to understand the forces that drive outbreaks such as the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the force of infection must be broken down into a system of di erential equations. With the current understanding of ...
  • Active learning in the secondary mathematics classroom : the effect on student learning 

    Contributor:Davidson, Jennifer L.
    Date Submitted:2015
    Across the United States, secondary mathematics has been struggling to be at the standard in which government leaders in education think it should be. Active learning has been a strategy that many educators have been ...
  • Three easy pieces (etudes for calculus and complex variables) 

    Contributor:Kreminski, Rick; Colorado State University-Pueblo. College of Science and Math
    This talk described three unrelated topics in calculus: (1) how Vieta's formula for pi using nested square roots of 2 could be dramatically accelerated; (2) how the chain rule in calculus, for functions from R to R or C ...
  • Newton-Cotes Integration for Approximating Stieltjes (Generalized Euler) Constants 

    Contributor:Kreminski, Rick
    In the Laurent expansion ζ(s,α)= 1/(s-1) + ∞ ∑ κ=0 (-1)κγκ(α)/κ! (s-1)κ, 0 < α ≤ 1 of the Riemann-Hurwitz zeta function, the coefficients γκ(α) are known as Stieltjes, or generalized Euler, constants. [When α = 1, ζ(s, 1) ...