Recent Submissions

  • Ludlow in requiem: music of labor and coal mining 

    Contributor:Garcia, Jackie; Grooms, Ryan; Eiman, Ashley; Furrh, Madison; Koenig, Jene M.; Brown, Michelle L.
    Ludlow in Requiem: Music of Labor and Coal Mining commemorates the sacrifices of southern Colorado coal miners and their families during the Colorado Coalfield Strike, 1913-14. The work is a compliation of music and lyrics ...
  • Affect in writing: phenomenological perspective on the relation of mood and significance 

    Contributor:Wenger, Tim
    Date Submitted:2016
    Affect in Writing: A Phenomenological Perspective on the Relation of Mood and Significance is an attempt to use creative non-fiction to explore what it means to be a student in the education system through the related ...
  • Shaping confusion : keeping alive the things we forgot we remembered 

    Contributor:Christensen, Juliet
    Date Submitted:2016
    Shaping Confusion: Keeping Alive the Things we Forgot we Remembered explores the applied concept of creative nonfiction as genre and practice. This study begins with the author's own discomfort with the title of author and ...
  • Clay women: a triptych 

    Contributor:Marquez, Melissa D.
    Date Submitted:2016
    Clay Women: A Triptych presents a narrative exploration of temporal shamanism – the way in which time mediates the intersection between the real and the fantastic – in the realismo mágico tradition. Each of three novella-length ...
  • Gamification and the creation of academic writer's identity 

    Contributor:Koenig, Jene M.
    Date Submitted:2016
    First year writing students often do not see themselves as academic writers. This lack of an academic writer’s identity can lead to several issues for students, including the dependence on mimicking other's works rather ...
  • Seeds of desperation and the flowers of hope : short prose on the Irish potato famine 

    Contributor:Daniels, Jessie J.
    Date Submitted:2016
  • Wieland : an archetypal experience of gender 

    Contributor:Daly, Linda Susan
    Date Submitted:2014
    The purpose of the thesis is to explore issues of gender in eighteenth-century America, as experience by the protagonist of the novel, Clara, through her relationship with her inner anima and animus. In summary, the thesis ...
  • Oppression, injustice, and authority : current events in the composition classroom 

    Contributor:Brown, Michelle L.
    Date Submitted:2015
    In the spirit of postcolonialism, transnationalism, critical pedagogy and the banking concept of education, Western tradition has changed dramatically in the past decade. The American landscape, physically and metaphorically, ...
  • Trauma as invention, grief as muse : writing to make meaning of loss 

    Contributor:Lievers, Lynette K.
    Date Submitted:2014
    This thesis argues that the parallel thinking and learning processes shared by the writing process and the grieving process serve to make meaning following a loss by analyzing interdisciplinary work in the fields of ...
  • A mythological Titan : popular culture's transformation of Titanic into a representative character 

    Contributor:Mattarocci, Thomas Matthew
    Date Submitted:2013-12
    The notion of the representative character has been examined by numerous academics, including S. Paige Baty, Robert Bellah, Richard Madsen, William Sullivan, Ann Swidler, and Steve Tipton. In their studies, the scholars ...