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  • Tempered Steel, vol. 27, 2017 

    Contributor:Campa Meza, Destiny; Hair, Jessica; Shown, Tyler; Lieberman, Christiana; Hernandez, Mark; Mendieta, Max; Brack, Sandy; Parker, Wesley; Aho, Jeff; Jimenez, Victoria; Gervais, Alison; Mondragón, Alexis; Coats, Matthew; Lowe, Ashley; Conroy, Daniel; Taylor, Eliana; Viera, Joey; Earl, Patricia; Farmer, Danielle; Barela, Julia; Linkowski, Audria; Kratzer, Mary; Rilling, Kerstin; Garcia, Katherine; Montano, Nadia; Androes, Nicholas; Mason, Antoria; Area, Ashlee; Brown, Nancy; Peachee, Emily; Paulson, Emily; Gill, Madison; Portillos, Alec; Burch, Ashlyn; Martinez, Alexis; Romero, Raven; Thomas, Darek
    Date Issued:2017
  • Tempered Steel, vol. 26, 2016 

    Contributor:Amaya, Bou; Campa Meza, Destiny; Enck, Matt; Ewing, Bryana; Hawkins, Matthew; Hearst, Clinton; Merzeau, Eterne; Rule, Andrea; Kennedy, Ceresa; Young, Alex; Carmichael, Cynthia; Conroy, Daniel; Evans, Charles; Falconer, Segan; Gill, Madison; Grublack, Melody; Hernandez, Mark; Lacy, Samantha; Mann, Emily; Martinez, Alexis; Matson, Isaac; Morgan, Isaiah; Ramos, Michelle; Robles, Megan; Rucker, Kayla; Sarper, Meral; Schroeder, Rachel
    Date Issued:2016
  • Tempered Steel, vol. 25, 2015 

    Contributor:Morrell, Sean; Cronk, Jynecca; Andrew, Carolyn; Montoya, Michael; Williams, Kyra; Espinoza, Shannon; Quackenbush, Heather; Foraker, Olivia; Smith, Christy Wiabel; Duran, Jemal; Portillos, Alec; Siegwarth, Ellysha; Welch, Jessi-Lynne; Garcia, Andrew; Grayson, Cala; Brown, Justin; Moore, Ecthelion; Griebel, Cody; Robles, Megan; Ewing, Bryana; Quintana, Rick; Rule, Andrea; Gill, Madison; Truc, Justine; Reed, Beau; Gervais, Alison
    Date Issued:2015
  • Mobile devices: revolution or retrograde 

    Contributor:Stockton, Gretel Piazza
    Date Submitted:2017
    The prevalence of mobile devices within most cultures in the world has provoked many debates about the advantages and disadvantages of device usage, especially in terms of social media. This report explores research to ...
  • Digital expansion of the CSU-Pueblo Honors Program 

    Contributor:Baker, Samantha Jill
    Date Submitted:2017
    This paper attempts to explain the process of creating a website for the CSU-Pueblo Honors Program. Initial research, steps, and surveys were conducted in preparation for designing the site. How and why the data was collected ...
  • Shaping confusion : keeping alive the things we forgot we remembered 

    Contributor:Christensen, Juliet;
    Date Submitted:2016 Fall
    Shaping Confusion: Keeping Alive the Things we Forgot we Remembered explores the applied concept of creative nonfiction as genre and practice. This study begins with the author's own discomfort with the title of author and ...
  • Clay women: a triptych 

    Contributor:Marquez, Melissa D.;
    Date Submitted:2016
    Clay Women: A Triptych presents a narrative exploration of temporal shamanism – the way in which time mediates the intersection between the real and the fantastic – in the realismo mágico tradition. Each of three novella-length ...
  • Gamification and the creation of academic writer's identity 

    Contributor:Koenig, Jene M.;
    Date Submitted:2016
    First year writing students often do not see themselves as academic writers. This lack of an academic writer’s identity can lead to several issues for students, including the dependence on mimicking other's works rather ...
  • Seeds of desperation and the flowers of hope : short prose on the Irish potato famine 

    Contributor:Daniels, Jessie J.
    Date Submitted:2016
  • "Men Must Not Cut Down Trees" : Septimus Smith's Madness of Nature 

    Contributor:Hudock, Sandy
    SISSI 2007.
  • Effects of self-deception on recognition memory of nonverbal symbols 

    Contributor:Haugen, Kristie L.
    Date Submitted:2015
    Self-deception has long been an understudied topic in human behavior as well as perplexing researchers with the assumption that self-deception entails an interpersonal dialog with the conscious and unconscious mind. The ...
  • Comparative analysis of internet addiction and substance abuse in adolescents 

    Contributor:Whisman, Jessica L.
    Date Submitted:2015
    Internet Addiction (IA) is an obsessive disorder characterized by abusive internet behaviors which impact multiple facets of a persons’ life. These abusive behaviors include excessive time in chat rooms, playing online ...
  • Effects of self-deception on the processing of visually presented words 

    Contributor:Villanueva, Samantha M.
    Date Submitted:2015
    Self-doubt is a form of self-deception, a process by which a person questions or doubts themselves. To assess it experimentally, the goal of this study was to examine the unconscious mechanism for self-deception. This ...
  • Wieland : an archetypal experience of gender 

    Contributor:Daly, Linda Susan;
    Date Submitted:2014
    The purpose of the thesis is to explore issues of gender in eighteenth-century America, as experience by the protagonist of the novel, Clara, through her relationship with her inner anima and animus. In summary, the thesis ...
  • Oppression, injustice, and authority : current events in the composition classroom 

    Contributor:Brown, Michelle L.;
    Date Submitted:2015
    In the spirit of postcolonialism, transnationalism, critical pedagogy and the banking concept of education, Western tradition has changed dramatically in the past decade. The American landscape, physically and metaphorically, ...
  • "Into dust and obscurity" : Silas Deane the drafting of the 1778 Treaty of Alliance 

    Contributor:Rivera, Christopher Michael-Anthony
    Date Submitted:2015
    Silas Deane's role during the American Revolution has been examined by numerous academics, including George Clark, Jonathan Dull, Juliam Boyd, Richard Morris, David Jayne Hill, and Walter Isaacson. These scholars assert ...
  • Small steel in a big war 

    Contributor:Gates, Patrick Charles;
    Date Submitted:2015
    "Small Steel in a Big War," was written to compare the Second World War experience of Pueblo and Colorado Fuel and Iron with that of the rest of the nation. The purpose in doing so was to find out what was unique about ...
  • Lunar perturbations : How did we get from Goodnight Moon to Go the F**k to Sleep? 

    Contributor:Hudock, Sandy
    SISSI 2012. Margaret Wise Brown and Bedtime Parody provides background on Margaret Wise Brown's life, the writing of the classic children’s story, and examines its immense popular and cultural influence, which has spawned ...
  • Incumbents without a campaign finance advantage : competition and money in Chile's congressional elections 

    Contributor:Johnson, Joel W.; Colorado State University-Pueblo. College of Humanities and Social Science; Colorado State University-Pueblo. Department of Political Science
    Research from various countries has shown that incumbents in legislative elections raise and spend more money when they face a tougher contest. A statistical analysis of Chilean candidates' campaign finance disclosures ...
  • Reclaiming Aztlan : Southern Colorado and Chicano activism of the 1970s 

    Contributor:Archuletta, Rick Christopher, Jr.;
    Date Submitted:2012
    This thesis, Reclaiming Aztlan: Southern Colorado and Chicano Activism of the 1970s is an historical examination of events that occurred in Colorado during the Chicano Rights Movement when the local Mexican American ...

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