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  • Inventing the world grant university : Chinese international students' mobilities, literacies, and identities 

    Contributor:Fraiberg, Steven; Wang, Xiqiao; You, Xiaoye
    Culturally responsive pedagogies developed for undergraduate Chinese international students, who have enrolled in Western institutions in increasing numbers in recent years. Focusing on the literacy practices of these ...
  • Post-truth rhetoric and composition 

    Contributor:McComiskey, Bruce
    An exploration of the increasingly widespread and disturbing effect of "post-truth" on public discourse in the United States. McComiskey analyzes the countless instances of doublespeak, hyperbole, fabrication, and other ...
  • Writing program architecture : thirty cases for reference and research 

    Contributor:Finer, Bryna Siegel; White-Farnham, Jamie
    Information and analysis concerning the material, logistical, and rhetorical features of a writing program, such as contracts, funding lines, and curriculum. Drawing from award-winning programs, the contributors analyze ...
  • Class in the composition classroom : pedagogy and the working class 

    Contributor:Carter, Genesea M.; Thelin, William H.
    What college writing instructors should know about working-class students--their backgrounds, experiences, identities, learning styles, and skills--in order to support them in the classroom, across campus, and beyond. ...
  • The politics of writing studies : reinventing our universities from below 

    Contributor:Samuels, Robert
    Drawing from pivotal texts in the field of writing studies, The Politics of Writing Studies shows how the use and abuse of contingent faculty at institutions of higher education affect the efficacy and perceived status of ...
  • Crossing divides : exploring translingual writing pedagogies and programs 

    Contributor:Horner, Bruce; Tetreault, Laura
    Crossing Divides offers diverse perspectives from leading scholars on the design and implementation of translingual writing pedagogies and programs--provided by publisher.
  • Nature's burdens : conservation and American politics, the Reagan era to the present 

    Contributor:Nelson, Daniel
    A political and intellectual history of natural resource conservation from the 1980s into the twenty-first century--a period of intense political turmoil, shifting priorities among policymakers, and changing ideas conservation. ...
  • Crafting presence : the American essay and the future of writing studies 

    Contributor:Wallack, Nicole B.
    Wallack illuminates the most important quality of the essay as a literary form: the writer's 'presence'. She demonstrates how accounting for presence provides a flexible and rigorous heuristic for reading that can help ...
  • Around the texts of writing center work : an inquiry-based approach to tutor education 

    Contributor:Hall, R. Mark
    Hall reveals the conceptual frameworks found in and created by ordinary writing center documents. The values and beliefs underlying course syllabi, policy statements, website copy and comments, assessment plans, promotional ...
  • The meaningful writing project : learning, teaching, and writing in higher education 

    Contributor:Eodice, Michele; Geller, Anne Ellen; Lerner, Neal
    Unprecedented look into the writing projects students find meaningful. The results of a three-year study consisting of surveys and interviews of seniors and faculty across three diverse institutions that consider the ...
  • Retention, persistence, and writing programs 

    Contributor:Ruecker, Todd; Shepherd, Dawn; Estrem, Heidi; Brunk-Chavez, Beth
    Perspectives on how first-year writing can support or hinder students' transitions to college from scholars working in a variety of institutional and geographic contexts and a range of student populations. Contributors ...
  • Economies of writing : revaluations in rhetoric and composition 

    Contributor:Horner, Bruce; Nordquist, Brice; Ryan, Susan M.
    Advances scholarship on political economies of writing and writing instruction, considering those economies in terms of course subject, pedagogy, technology, and social practice. Challenges dominant ideologies of writing, ...
  • The working lives of new writing center directors 

    Contributor:Caswell, Nicole I.; Grutsch McKinney, Jackie; Jackson, Rebecca
    Longitudinal qualitative studies that looks at the individual professional lives of nine new writing center directors' labor. The authors adopt case study and interview methodologies to examine the labor these directors ...
  • Defender : the life of Daniel H. Wells 

    Contributor:Wells, Quentin Thomas
    Defender is the first and only scholarly biography of Daniel H. Wells, one of the important yet historically neglected leaders among the nineteenth-century Mormons—leaders like Heber C. Kimball, George Q. Cannon, and ...
  • Nowhere near the line : pain and possibility in teaching and writing 

    Contributor:Boquet, Elizabeth H.
    Boquet traces the overlaps and intersections of a lifelong education around guns and violence, as a student, a teacher, a feminist, a daughter, a wife, a citizen, and across the dislocations and relocations that are part ...
  • Decisions, agency, and advising : key issues in the placement of multilingual writers into first-year composition courses 

    Contributor:Saenkhum, Tanita
    Saenkhum considers the role of agency in the placement of multilingual writers--including international students and U.S. residents or citizens who are non-native users of English--in U.S. college composition programs. ...
  • Good God but you smart! : language prejudice and upwardly mobile Cajuns 

    Contributor:Stanford, Nichole E.
    First comprehensive book in Composition Studies to examine educational and linguistic assimilation, as well as the local languages--Louisiana French and prevalent Cajun English--of Cajuns and explores the subtle ways grammar ...
  • Seven demon stories from medieval Japan 

    Contributor:Reider, Noriko T.
    Seven oni stories from medieval Japan, translated for an English-speaking audience. In Japanese culture, oni are ubiquitous supernatural creatures, some great and some small, some mischievous, others dangerous, who play ...
  • A rhetoric of reflection 

    Contributor:Yancey, Kathleen Blake
    This research and practice is taking up new questions, in new sites of activity, with new theories. It includes attention to transfer of writing knowledge and practice to teaching and assessment; to portfolios; to linguistic ...
  • Hemming flames : poems 

    Contributor:Murphy, Patricia Colleen
    Winner of the 2016 Swenson Poetry Award, this collection explores themes of pain and loss as they emerge especially within a dysfunctional family. Includes a foreword by Stephen Dunn, American poet, teacher, and essayist, ...

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