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      • Beautiful flesh : a body of essays 

        Contributor:Stephanie G'Schwind
        Selected from among the country's leading literary publications--Colorado Review, Crazyhorse, Creative Nonfiction, the Georgia Review, the Normal School, Prairie Schooner, and others--Beautiful Flesh gathers nineteen works ...
      • Nature's burdens : conservation and American politics, the Reagan era to the present 

        Contributor:Nelson, Daniel
        A political and intellectual history of natural resource conservation from the 1980s into the twenty-first century--a period of intense political turmoil, shifting priorities among policymakers, and changing ideas conservation. ...
      • Crafting presence : the American essay and the future of writing studies 

        Contributor:Wallack, Nicole B.
        Wallack illuminates the most important quality of the essay as a literary form: the writer's 'presence'. She demonstrates how accounting for presence provides a flexible and rigorous heuristic for reading that can help ...
      • Around the texts of writing center work : an inquiry-based approach to tutor education 

        Contributor:Hall, R. Mark
        Hall reveals the conceptual frameworks found in and created by ordinary writing center documents. The values and beliefs underlying course syllabi, policy statements, website copy and comments, assessment plans, promotional ...
      • New Mexico and the Pimería Alta : the colonial period in the American Southwest 

        Contributor:Douglass, John G.; Graves, William M.
        Focusing on two areas of the Southwest that witnessed intensive and sustained colonial encounters and compares how different forms of colonialism and indigenous political economies structured the outcomes of those encounters. ...
      • Rituals of the past : prehispanic and colonial case studies in Andean archaeology 

        Contributor:Rosenfeld, Silvana A.; Bautista, Stefanie L.
        Through the study of archaeological, ethnographic, linguistic, and historical evidence from northern Peru to northern Chile, Bolivia, and northwest Argentina, the authors in this volume show the significance of ritual from ...
      • Abundance : the archaeology of plenitude 

        Contributor:Smith, Monica L.
        Using case studies from around the globe and multiple time periods, Smith makes the case that abundance provides an essential explanatory perspective on ancient peoples' choices and activities. Focusing on plenitude enables ...
      • Legacies of space and intangible heritage : archaeology, ethnohistory, and the politics of cultural continuity in the Americas 

        Contributor:Armstrong-Fumero, Fernando; Hoil Gutierrez, Julio
        An interdisciplinary exploration of the intersections between the study and management of physical sites and reproduction of intangible cultural legacies. Nine case studies that explore different ways place is mediated by ...
      • The touch of civilization : comparing American and Russian internal colonization 

        Contributor:Sabol, Steven
        This work compares the process and practice of nineteenth-century American and Russian internal colonization, a form of contiguous, continental expansion, imperialism and colonialism that incorporated indigenous lands and ...
      • These "thin partitions" : bridging the growing divide between cultural anthropology and archaeology 

        Contributor:Englehardt, Joshua D.; Rieger, Ivy A.
        Explores the growing divide between two of the four subdisciplines within the field of anthropology: archaeology and cultural anthropology. It examines the theoretical underpinnings of the separation between two disciplines ...
      • "The only true people" : linking Maya identities past and present 

        Contributor:Beyyette, Bethany J.; LeCount, Lisa J.
        A timely and rigorous examination of ethnicity among the ancient Maya, focusing on ethnogenesis and exploring the complexities of Maya identity--how it developed, how it emerged and how it continues to change. Challenges ...
      • Field guide to the lichens of White Rocks (Boulder, Colorado) 

        Contributor:Tripp, Erin A.
        Extensively illustrated field guide presents detailed information and a careful examination of the lichens that occur at the ecologically important and lichenologically rich urban outcropping of sandstone known as White ...
      • Ancient Maya commerce : multidisciplinary research at Chunchucmil 

        Contributor:Hutson, Scott R.
        Using a variety of evidence--archaeological, botanical, geomorphological, and soil-based--contributors show how Chunchucmil, Yucatan, Mexico was a major center for both short and long distance trade, integrating the ...
      • Incidence of travel : recent journeys in ancient South America 

        Contributor:Moore, Jerry D.
        Drawing on personal experience and historical and archaeological studies from across South America, Moore introduces readers to archaeological sites and remains to describe what it's like to be in the field and facilitating ...
      • The history of the death penalty in Colorado 

        Contributor:Radelet, Michael L.
        Radelet chronicles the details of each capital punishment trial and execution that took place in Colorado since 1859. Radelet accounts the debates and struggles over the use of the death penalty, placing the hundreds of ...
      • Retention, persistence, and writing programs 

        Contributor:Ruecker, Todd; Shepherd, Dawn; Estrem, Heidi; Brunk-Chavez, Beth
        Perspectives on how first-year writing can support or hinder students' transitions to college from scholars working in a variety of institutional and geographic contexts and a range of student populations. Contributors ...
      • The meaningful writing project : learning, teaching, and writing in higher education 

        Contributor:Eodice, Michele; Geller, Anne Ellen; Lerner, Neal
        Unprecedented look into the writing projects students find meaningful. The results of a three-year study consisting of surveys and interviews of seniors and faculty across three diverse institutions that consider the ...
      • Economies of writing : revaluations in rhetoric and composition 

        Contributor:Horner, Bruce; Nordquist, Brice; Ryan, Susan M.
        Advances scholarship on political economies of writing and writing instruction, considering those economies in terms of course subject, pedagogy, technology, and social practice. Challenges dominant ideologies of writing, ...
      • Escape velocity : poems 

        Contributor:Arning, Bonnie
        From the moment of a marriage's heated inception to its period of luminous crowding and onward into distance and darkness, Bonnie Arning's Escape Velocity asks if it's possible to exist outside the only universe we've ever ...
      • Process and meaning in spatial archaeology : investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian space and place 

        Contributor:Jones, Eric E.; Creese, John L.
        Examines Northern Iroquoian archaeology through various lenses at multiple spatial levels, including individual households, village constructions, relationships between villages in a local region, and relationships between ...