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  • Process and meaning in spatial archaeology : investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian space and place 

    Contributor:Jones, Eric E.; Creese, John L.
    Examines Northern Iroquoian archaeology through various lenses at multiple spatial levels, including individual households, village constructions, relationships between villages in a local region, and relationships between ...
  • Yellowstone National Park : through the lens of time 

    Contributor:Boner, Bradly J.
    Boner has re-photographed William Henry Jackson's images from the 1871 Hayden Survey, the first government-funded expedition to explore the region that is today Yellowstone National Park and represents the first complete, ...
  • How humans cooperate : confronting the challenge of collective action 

    Contributor:Blanton, Richard E.; Fargher, Lane F.
    A new approach to investigating human cooperation developed from the vantage point of an 'anthropological imagination.' Drawing the discipline's broad understanding of humans in biological, social, and cultural dimensions, ...
  • Alternative pathways to complexity : a collection of essays on architecture, economics, power, and cross-cultural analysis in honor of Richard E. Blanton 

    Contributor:Fargher, Lane F.; Heredia Espinoza, Verenice Y.
    Focuses on architecture, economics, and power in the evolution of complex societies. Case studies from Mesoamerica, Asia, Africa, and Europe examine the relationship between political structures and economic configurations ...
  • Patron gods and patron lords : the semiotics of classic Maya community cults 

    Contributor:Baron, Joanne P.
    Baron demonstrates the central importance of patron deity cults in political relationships between both rulers and their subjects and different Maya kingdoms. Weaving together evidence from inscriptions, images, and ...
  • Gendered labor in specialized economies : archaeological perspectives on female and male work 

    Contributor:Kelly, Sophia E.; Ardren, Traci
    Gendered Labor in Specialized Economies combine the study of gender in the archaeological record with the examination of intensified craft production in prehistory to reassess the connection between craft specialization ...
  • Archaeological variability and interpretation in global perspective 

    Contributor:Sullivan, Alan P.; Olszewski, Deborah I.
    Contributors illustrate the virtues of various ecological, experimental, statistical, and cognitive/social approaches for understanding the origins, formation histories, and inferential potential of a wide range of ...
  • Relating to rock art in the contemporary world : navigating symbolism, meaning and significance 

    Contributor:Brady, Liam M.; Taçon, Paul S. C.
    Rock art is considered an archaeological artifact reflecting activities from the past, it is also a phenomenon with present-day meaning and relevance to both indigenous and non-indigenous communities. Challenging traditional ...
  • Exit theater 

    Contributor:Lala, Mike
    Selected by Tyrone Williams for the 2016 Colorado Prize for Poetry, Exit Theater casts classical elegy, with dazzling formal innovation, into a staggering work of contemporary, political polyphony. Through monologues, ...
  • &luckier : poems 

    Contributor:Johnson, Christopher J.
    In his first collection of poems, &luckier, Christopher J Johnson explores the depths to which we can know our most intimate friends, habits, and--even more so--selves. From a mosaic of coffee cups, dinner engagements, ...
  • Defender : the life of Daniel H. Wells 

    Contributor:Wells, Quentin Thomas
    Defender is the first and only scholarly biography of Daniel H. Wells, one of the important yet historically neglected leaders among the nineteenth-century Mormons—leaders like Heber C. Kimball, George Q. Cannon, and ...
  • The working lives of new writing center directors 

    Contributor:Caswell, Nicole I.; Grutsch McKinney, Jackie; Jackson, Rebecca
    Longitudinal qualitative studies that looks at the individual professional lives of nine new writing center directors' labor. The authors adopt case study and interview methodologies to examine the labor these directors ...
  • Nowhere near the line : pain and possibility in teaching and writing 

    Contributor:Boquet, Elizabeth H.
    Boquet traces the overlaps and intersections of a lifelong education around guns and violence, as a student, a teacher, a feminist, a daughter, a wife, a citizen, and across the dislocations and relocations that are part ...
  • Good God but you smart! : language prejudice and upwardly mobile Cajuns 

    Contributor:Stanford, Nichole E.
    First comprehensive book in Composition Studies to examine educational and linguistic assimilation, as well as the local languages--Louisiana French and prevalent Cajun English--of Cajuns and explores the subtle ways grammar ...
  • Decisions, agency, and advising : key issues in the placement of multilingual writers into first-year composition courses 

    Contributor:Saenkhum, Tanita
    Saenkhum considers the role of agency in the placement of multilingual writers--including international students and U.S. residents or citizens who are non-native users of English--in U.S. college composition programs. ...
  • Seven demon stories from medieval Japan 

    Contributor:Reider, Noriko T.
    Seven oni stories from medieval Japan, translated for an English-speaking audience. In Japanese culture, oni are ubiquitous supernatural creatures, some great and some small, some mischievous, others dangerous, who play ...
  • The great unknown : Japanese American sketches 

    Contributor:Robinson, Greg
    Introduces a readable collection of portraits about a group of extraordinary men and women who made remarkable contributions in the arts, literature, law, sports, and other fields, and shed light on largely unknown aspects ...
  • Forest conservation in the Anthropocene : science, policy, and practice 

    Contributor:Sample, V. Alaric; Bixler, R. Patrick; Miller, Char
    Thought-provoking insight on overcoming the constraints of climate change and policies that need to be introduced or changed to combat the climate change on the forests of the world. Environmental scientists probe the ...
  • As precious as blood : the Western Slope in Colorado's water wars, 1900-1970 

    Contributor:Schulte, Steven C.
    A comprehensive study about the contentious issue of the water wars between Colorado's Western Slope--where snows accumulate west of the Continental Divide--and the Front Range, where the ever-expanding population continues ...
  • "A roof over my head" : homeless women and the shelter industry 

    Contributor:Williams, Jean Calterone
    Based upon extensive ethnographic data that examines lives of homeless women who care for children and live in small shelters and transitional living centers. This ground-breaking study unveils the centrality of abuse and ...

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