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  • The lapidary's nosegay : poems 

    Contributor:Candland, Lara
    The Lapidary's Nosegay, Lara Candland's primer of poems, presents to readers a bouquet of resplendent poems that Candland has created, collaged, curated, and re-imagined by using the rich floral and gem imagery in the ...
  • We remain traditional : poems 

    Contributor:Chan, Sylvia
    In We Remain Traditional, Sylvia Chan juxtaposes the elegy, the conflict, and the brashness of a relationship that summons wild musicality in its love and frustration. Through the speaker and Adam, the beloveds offer ...
  • Pueblos within pueblos : tlaxilacalli communities in Acolhuacan, Mexico, ca. 1272-1692 

    Contributor:Johnson, Benjamin D.
    Systematically analyzing tlaxilacalli history over four centuries, beginning with their rise at the dawn of the Aztec empire through their transformation into "pueblos" of mid-colonial New Spain. Before the Aztecs rise, ...
  • Archaeology of the night : life after dark in ancient world 

    Contributor:Gonlin, Nancy; Nowell, April
    A diverse team of experienced scholars used a variety of methods and resources to reconstruct how ancient peoples experienced the night, their views of the dark, their portrayals of the night, and how people in everyday ...
  • Constructions of time and history in the pre-Columbian Andes 

    Contributor:Swenson, Edward; Roddick, Andrew P.
    Explores archaeological approaches to temporalities, social memory, and constructions of history in the pre-Columbian Andes. Examining a range of indigenous temporal experiences and ideologies, including astronomical, ...
  • Maya potters' indigenous knowledge : cognition, engagement, and practice 

    Contributor:Arnold, Dean E.
    Based on fieldwork and reflection over a period of fifty years, Arnold utilizes engagement theory to describe the indigenous knowledge of traditional Maya potters in Ticul, Yucatán, Mexico. Arnold examines craftspeople's ...
  • Historical and archaeological perspectives on the Itzas of Petén, Guatemala 

    Contributor:Rice, Prudence M.; Rice, Don S.
    A detailed and thorough account of the Itzas--a Maya group that dominated much of the west lowland area of Petén, Guatemala. A theoretical perspective on the origins and an overview of the social, political, linguistic, ...
  • An alternate pragmatism for going public 

    Contributor:Webber, Jim
    A critique of the composition field's engagement with education reform, particularly the practice of "reframing." Reframing is a pragmatic argument establishing or appealing to the professional authority of scholars in an ...
  • Points of departure : rethinking student source use and writing studies research methods 

    Contributor:Serviss, Tricia; Jamieson, Sandra
    Encourages a return to empirical research about writing, presents transparent, reproducible studies of student sources. How to develop methods for coding and characterizing student texts, their choice of source material, ...
  • Circulation, writing, and rhetoric 

    Contributor:Gries, Laurie E.; Brooke, Collin Gifford
    It has been understood that writers quote, imitate, forward, borrow, dispute, engage with, and transform texts written by others. Contributors identify circulation as a threshold concept of Western literacy theory and ...
  • Public performances : studies in the carnivalesque and ritualesque 

    Contributor:Santino, Jack
    This volume is written by scholars who have presented research at the Conference on Holidays, Ritual, Festival, Celebration, and Public Display. The papers themselves are not necessarily the same as their original ...
  • Writing at the state U : instruction and administration at 106 comprehensive universities 

    Contributor:Isaacs, Emily J.
    A comprehensive, empirical examination of writing programs at 106 universities using statistical analysis to show which established principles of instruction and administration have been implemented at comprehensive ...
  • Post-truth rhetoric and composition 

    Contributor:McComiskey, Bruce
    An exploration of the increasingly widespread and disturbing effect of "post-truth" on public discourse in the United States. McComiskey analyzes the countless instances of doublespeak, hyperbole, fabrication, and other ...
  • Inventing the world grant university : Chinese international students' mobilities, literacies, and identities 

    Contributor:Fraiberg, Steven; Wang, Xiqiao; You, Xiaoye
    Culturally responsive pedagogies developed for undergraduate Chinese international students, who have enrolled in Western institutions in increasing numbers in recent years. Focusing on the literacy practices of these ...
  • Writing program architecture : thirty cases for reference and research 

    Contributor:Finer, Bryna Siegel; White-Farnham, Jamie
    Information and analysis concerning the material, logistical, and rhetorical features of a writing program, such as contracts, funding lines, and curriculum. Drawing from award-winning programs, the contributors analyze ...
  • Class in the composition classroom : pedagogy and the working class 

    Contributor:Carter, Genesea M.; Thelin, William H.
    What college writing instructors should know about working-class students--their backgrounds, experiences, identities, learning styles, and skills--in order to support them in the classroom, across campus, and beyond. ...
  • Words & worlds turned around : indigenous Christianities in colonial Latin America 

    Contributor:Tavárez, David
    A sophisticated, state-of-the-art approach to the embrace of Christianity by indigenous societies, that reveals the manifold transformations of Christian discourses in the colonial Americas. Surveying how Christian messages ...
  • A history of mortgage banking in the West : financing America's dreams 

    Contributor:Rosser, E. Michael; Sanders, Diane M.
    How the mortgage banking sector worked in the second half of the twentieth century, including analysis of the 2007 mortgage crisis. Beginning with the land and railroad development acts that encouraged Western settlement, ...
  • The last stand of the pack 

    Contributor:Carhart, Arthur H.; Young, Stanley P.; Gulliford, Andrew; Wolf, Tom
    Published in 1929, a historical account of wolf extermination and what were believed to be the last wolves in Colorado. Almost a century later, much has been learned about predator ecology. Original text is accompanied by ...
  • Land, politics, and memory in five Nija'ib' K'iche' títulos : "The title and proof of our ancestors" 

    Contributor:Matsumoto, Mallory
    Five highland Maya títulos composed in the sixteenth century by the Nija'ib K'iche' of Guatemala. Each manuscript provides a copy of the original, a transcription of the sixteenth-century modified Latin script, a morphologic ...

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