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  • A Heuristic-Based Review of the Usability of the OSHA Website with respect to Communication Tower Hazards 

    Contributor:Al-Allaq, Aiman;
    A heuristic review of the usability of the OSHA website with respect to OSHA regulations and other information on Communication Tower Hazards was completed. The heuristics employed in this analysis were Jakob Nielsen’s ...
  • 2017 Student Symposium : Program 

    Contributor:Student Symposium (5th : 2017 : Colorado State University-Pueblo)
    CSU-Pueblo 5th Annual 2017 Student Symposium. A celebration of research, scholarship & creative activity. Showcasing scholarly activities by students of: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication & Rhetoric, Engineering, ...
  • Analysis of legal advertisements for cannabis products in Colorado 

    Contributor:Gula, Joanne; Shen, Jiaxi
    Cannabis was legalized in Colorado on 6 November 2012. It is illegal to advertise dispensaries that sell these products using any electronic source or social media that sends a signal beyond Colorado’s borders. However, ...
  • ICR 2017: Proceedings of the 1st annual conference of the Institute of Cannabis Research at CSU-Pueblo April 27-29, 2017 

    Contributor:Institute of Cannabis Research Conference (1st : 2017 : Colorado State University-Pueblo)
  • Rising from the shadows: a Zellweger baby's journey from Hospice to hope 

    Contributor:Holt, Megan
    Madeline is a four-year-old girl who suffers from a terminal genetic disease called Zellweger Syndrome. This disease destroys the white matter of the brain, and most children don’t survive past their first year of life. ...
  • Nanotechnology electrospinning experiment 

    Contributor:Wolfram, Marcus; Daniel, D. Mike; Vigil, Joey; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung; Jaksic, Nebojsa I.;
    Electrospinning is a technique which has been used in order to successfully create polymer nanofibers. In this process, a charged polymer jet is collected on a grounded collection plate. A polymer jet is formed when an ...
  • Ionic polymer metal composites used as an actuator 

    Contributor:Al-Allaq, Aiman H.; DeHerrera, Brandon; Li, Boyan; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung; Jaksic, Nebojsa I.;
    Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) are synthetic composite nanomaterials which can exhibit large dynamic deformation under a low electric field. The applications of these artificial muscles range from biomedical to ...
  • 3-D printing metal objects project 

    Contributor:Armijo, James; Daniel, D. Mike; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung; Jaksic, Nebojsa I.;
    Existing machines capable of 3D printing metal objects can cost in the range of millions of dollars and the process can be dangerous. It is desirable to develop a process that is inexpensive, safe, and open source based. ...
  • Los nombres de Alonso Quijano y Don Quijote : the names of Alonso Quijano and Don Quixote. Imagining and building a Hero 

    Contributor:Herraiz, Alicia
    Cervantes said of himself that he was the step-father, not the father, of the immortal character don Quixote. This can be easily understood when we considered that don Quixote is the creature of a certain Alonso Quijano. ...
  • Cannabidiol during acquisition mildly affects fear learning and memory in mice 

    Contributor:Uhernik, Amy L.; Montoya, Zackary T.; Balkissoon, Connor D.; Smith, Jeffrey P.
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is reported to have therapeutic potential for psychiatric conditions that affect learning and memory, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders. Pre-clinical contextual fear-learning and memory ...
  • Cannabidiol mildly inhibits synaptic transmission in the mouse brain slice 

    Contributor:Vigil, Jose J.; Sculptoreanu, Adrian; Smith, Jeffrey P.
    Canabidiol (CBD) is reported to have therapeutic potential for treating neurodegenerative disorders that affect the nervous system, including epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. Despite this, the mechanisms by which it affects ...
  • The endocannabinioid system: a look back and ahead 

    Contributor:Mechoulam, Raphael
    Over the last few decades research on the cannabinoids has gone through several distinct phases: A. Research on the plant cannabinoids [mostly on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)] B. Research on the endogenous ...
  • The endocannabinioid system: a source for drug discovery 

    Contributor:Makriyannis, Alexandros
    Cannabis has been used over the millennia for therapeutic purposes. It has also been used as the basis for discovering a key biochemical lipid network, the endocannabinoid system. Among the lipid modulators endocannabinoids ...
  • How and why marijuana research is biased toward negative effect 

    Contributor:Hart, Carl L.
    Streaming video:
  • Project 22: a new beginning 

    Contributor:Bell, Blake; McGettigan, Tim
    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that, due to post traumatic stress, 22 veterans take their own lives every day. Project 22 intends to bring this little-known calamity to the attention of the American ...
  • Keeping the good faith: how often are cannabis doctors sanctioned by the medical board of California? 

    Contributor:Colbert, Michell
    California was the first American state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996. The industry operated without any regulation until SB420 was passed in 2003, though SB420 did little to regulate the industry, leaving much up ...
  • Legal cannabis: what is food & medicine freedom? 

    Contributor:Casida, Tisha
    What is Food and Medicine Freedom? Non-psychotropic cannabis (like hemp) and its natural plant compounds have proven benefits for people’s quality of life. Are you ready to practice peaceful civil disobedience and stop ...
  • Job quality in Colorado's cannabis industry : presentation 

    Contributor:Gilbreath, James Bradford; Radigan, Patrick
    This study focuses on job quality in Pueblo County’s hemp- and marijuana-related businesses. The study draws upon the work of job-quality researcher Arne Kalleberg to construct a thorough assessment of whether the legal ...
  • Development of best-in-class medical cannabis products 

    Contributor:Cape, Steven; Mulder, Michael; Schwarz, Susan; Chupka, Kris; Johnson, Paul H.; Colagiovanni, Dorothy B.
    At Next Frontier Biosciences, we use advanced pharmaceutical methods to develop best-in-class purified cannabinoid products for nasal and sublingual administration. Our development program is science-based and evidence-driven ...

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