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      • Tempered Steel, vol. 25, 2015 

        Contributor:Morrell, Sean; Cronk, Jynecca; Andrew, Carolyn; Montoya, Michael; Williams, Kyra; Espinoza, Shannon; Quackenbush, Heather; Foraker, Olivia; Smith, Christy Wiabel; Duran, Jemal; Portillos, Alec; Siegwarth, Ellysha; Welch, Jessi-Lynne; Garcia, Andrew; Grayson, Cala; Brown, Justin; Moore, Ecthelion; Griebel, Cody; Robles, Megan; Ewing, Bryana; Quintana, Rick; Rule, Andrea; Gill, Madison; Truc, Justine; Reed, Beau; Gervais, Alison
        Date Issued:2015
      • Tempered Steel, vol. 26, 2016 

        Contributor:Amaya, Bou; Campa Meza, Destiny; Enck, Matt; Ewing, Bryana; Hawkins, Matthew; Hearst, Clinton; Merzeau, Eterne; Rule, Andrea; Kennedy, Ceresa; Young, Alex; Carmichael, Cynthia; Conroy, Daniel; Evans, Charles; Falconer, Segan; Gill, Madison; Grublack, Melody; Hernandez, Mark; Lacy, Samantha; Mann, Emily; Martinez, Alexis; Matson, Isaac; Morgan, Isaiah; Ramos, Michelle; Robles, Megan; Rucker, Kayla; Sarper, Meral; Schroeder, Rachel
        Date Issued:2016
      • Tempered Steel, vol. 27, 2017 

        Contributor:Campa Meza, Destiny; Hair, Jessica; Shown, Tyler; Lieberman, Christiana; Hernandez, Mark; Mendieta, Max; Brack, Sandy; Parker, Wesley; Aho, Jeff; Jimenez, Victoria; Gervais, Alison; Mondragón, Alexis; Coats, Matthew; Lowe, Ashley; Conroy, Daniel; Taylor, Eliana; Viera, Joey; Earl, Patricia; Farmer, Danielle; Barela, Julia; Linkowski, Audria; Kratzer, Mary; Rilling, Kerstin; Garcia, Katherine; Montano, Nadia; Androes, Nicholas; Mason, Antoria; Area, Ashlee; Brown, Nancy; Peachee, Emily; Paulson, Emily; Gill, Madison; Portillos, Alec; Burch, Ashlyn; Martinez, Alexis; Romero, Raven; Thomas, Darek
        Date Issued:2017
      • Can research "send me high?" : addressing flow theory 

        Contributor:Hudock, Sandy
        Purpose: Despite its widespread acceptance and application, flow theory has not been applied to the research process, and can further librarians' knowledge of the importance of affect in students' experiences of information ...
      • Animating Our Selves : The "Irreducible Multiplicity" and Humans 

        Contributor:Hudock, Sandy
        Animal agency on a species level is currently being considered in the social sciences and in society at large, validating Derrida's claims of ontic multiplicity and its resultant ethical implications. Political scientists ...
      • Opinions and Experiences of University Faculty Regarding Library Research Instruction : Results of a Web-based Survey at the University of Southern Colorado 

        Contributor:Gonzales, Rhonda
        It is a survey done at the University of Southern Colorado about opinions and experiences of their faculty employing library research instruction.
      • Hit the Reference Transaction Mark : Incorporating READ into DART 

        Contributor:Hudock, Sandy; Sullivan, Dan
        The CSU-Pueblo Library investigated various tracking tools to facilitate capturing reference statistics, and in 2010, reference staff settled on the DART program. DART is available from the Colorado State Library's Library ...
      • Hungry eye, vol. 7, 2001 

        Contributor:Colorado State University-Pueblo. Department of English and Foreign Languages; Colorado State University-Pueblo. College of Humanities and Social Science; University of Southern Colorado Students
      • Target offset models for predictive braking enforcement algorithms in rail vehicles 

        Contributor:Baillargeon, Jay P.;
        Date Submitted:2012
        Predictive braking enforcement algorithms are considered to be a key component of Positive Train Control systems, providing the essential framework for initiating a penalty brake application in the most dire of circumstances. ...
      • Advancing sustainability in higher education : a case study applying STARS to Colorado State University-Pueblo 

        Contributor:Ok, Ayşe Canan
        Date Submitted:2012
        The world's resources are limited, and every passing day, correctly and incorrectly consuming those limited sources, makes them more depleted. Sustainability will help to prevent or postpone the risk of running out of ...
      • Shaping confusion : keeping alive the things we forgot we remembered 

        Contributor:Christensen, Juliet;
        Date Submitted:2016 Fall
        Shaping Confusion: Keeping Alive the Things we Forgot we Remembered explores the applied concept of creative nonfiction as genre and practice. This study begins with the author's own discomfort with the title of author and ...
      • Assessing the usefulness of a public health nursing preceptor toolkit 

        Contributor:Procell, C. Lynn;
        Date Submitted:2013
        This study was designed to assess the value of developing a toolkit to support public health nurses in precepting baccalaureate nursing students. A convenience sample of nurses working in the public health field in Colorado ...
      • Comparison of nitrous oxide and epidural analgesia: safety matters 

        Contributor:McCulley, Zolanye; Seminoff, Maggie; Ackley, Claire; Mathis, Trisha; Chambers, Terra; McCue, Stacie Gray;
        Laboring mothers have many options for pain control during their labor. In the U.S., the epidural is commonly used for pain control. Historically, many countries use a 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen ("nitrous oxide") ...
      • Targeted temperature management therapy and neurologic outcomes 

        Contributor:Boyd, Amelia; Nguyen, Peter; Heinen, Preston; Salcedo, Kristin; Kendahl, Caminiti; Hiner, Michael; Anaya, Cari; Willkomm, Lauren;
        According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States. In 2015, WHO estimated that 14 million people die each year due to cardiac arrest. Targeted ...
      • An exploratory study of companies in the cannabis supply chain 

        Contributor:Krause, Dan; Pullman, Mellie
        In this exploratory study, we examined cannabis business practices at three levels: growers, value-added innovators and middlemen, and retailers. We sought to understand their businesses from both the operations and supply ...
      • Perpetual harvest protorype - development of a unique vertical farming design 

        Contributor:Gehlhoff, Kelly; Cooper, Meral
        Growing cannabis indoors can be quite costly in both energy and water usage, although the benefits include increased potency of the medicinal quality and the ability to harvest year-round. By considering how to maximize ...
      • Assessing cannabinoid permeability in a mouse dermal administration model 

        Contributor:Colagiovanni, Dorothy B.; Chupka, Kris; Schwarz, Susan; Johnson, Paul H.
        Cannabinoids are extremely lipophilic substances with LogP values >5. This makes cannabinoids amenable to formulation only with hydrophobic preparations for topical administration. We sought to evaluate various oil based ...
      • Industrial hemp fibers as reinforcing agents in 3D-printing filament composites 

        Contributor:Jaksic, Nebojsa I.; Druelinger, Melvin L.; Mandicello, Lucas A.
        This research project studies mechanical and chemical properties of PLA plastic 3D-printing filament composites reinforced with industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) fibers. The aim is to investigate the use of hemp fibers ...
      • Hungry eye, vol. 10, 2004 

        Contributor:Colorado State University-Pueblo. Department of English and Foreign Languages; Colorado State University-Pueblo. College of Humanities and Social ScienceColorado State University-Pueblo Students
      • Hungry eye, vol. 13, 2007 

        Contributor:Colorado State University-Pueblo. Department of English and Foreign Languages; Colorado State University-Pueblo. College of Humanities and Social ScienceColorado State University-Pueblo Students