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  • ICR 2017: Proceedings of the 1st annual conference of the Institute of Cannabis Research at CSU-Pueblo April 27-29, 2017 

    Contributor:Institute of Cannabis Research Conference (1st : 2017 : Colorado State University-Pueblo)
  • Rising from the shadows: a Zellweger baby's journey from Hospice to hope 

    Contributor:Holt, Megan
    Madeline is a four-year-old girl who suffers from a terminal genetic disease called Zellweger Syndrome. This disease destroys the white matter of the brain, and most children don’t survive past their first year of life. ...
  • Nanotechnology electrospinning experiment 

    Contributor:Wolfram, Marcus; Daniel, D. Mike; Vigil, Joey; Jaksic, Nebojsa; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung;
    Electrospinning is a technique which has been used in order to successfully create polymer nanofibers. In this process, a charged polymer jet is collected on a grounded collection plate. A polymer jet is formed when an ...
  • Ionic polymer metal composites used as an actuator 

    Contributor:Al-Allaq, Aiman H.; DeHerrera, Brandon; Li, Boyan; Jaksic, Nebojsa; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung;
    Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) are synthetic composite nanomaterials which can exhibit large dynamic deformation under a low electric field. The applications of these artificial muscles range from biomedical to ...
  • 3-D printing metal objects project 

    Contributor:Armijo, James; Daniel, D. Mike; Jaksic, Nebojsa; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung;
    Existing machines capable of 3D printing metal objects can cost in the range of millions of dollars and the process can be dangerous. It is desirable to develop a process that is inexpensive, safe, and open source based. ...
  • Los nombres de Alonso Quijano y Don Quijote : the names of Alonso Quijano and Don Quixote. Imagining and building a Hero 

    Contributor:Herraiz, Alicia
    Cervantes said of himself that he was the step-father, not the father, of the immortal character don Quixote. This can be easily understood when we considered that don Quixote is the creature of a certain Alonso Quijano. ...
  • An evaluation of exogenous oxytocin in contrast to alternative methods of labor induction in uncomplicated pregnancies 

    Contributor:Barrett, Victoria P.
    Date Submitted:2017
    Labor induction rates in the United States (U.S.) are more than two-fold higher than the rate recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Maternity health care in the U.S. would benefit from a ...
  • Cannabidiol during acquisition mildly affects fear learning and memory in mice 

    Contributor:Uhernik, Amy L.; Montoya, Zackary T.; Balkissoon, Connor D.; Smith, Jeffrey P.
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is reported to have therapeutic potential for psychiatric conditions that affect learning and memory, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders. Pre-clinical contextual fear-learning and memory ...
  • Cannabidiol mildly inhibits synaptic transmission in the mouse brain slice 

    Contributor:Vigil, Jose J.; Sculptoreanu, Adrian; Smith, Jeffrey P.
    Canabidiol (CBD) is reported to have therapeutic potential for treating neurodegenerative disorders that affect the nervous system, including epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. Despite this, the mechanisms by which it affects ...
  • Using regression analysis to predict single family home values/prices in the Belmont/Eastside areas of Pueblo 

    Contributor:Mize, Sarah
    Date Submitted:2017
    The way that home values are established today is not statistically robust. Appraisers evaluate only three comparable properties to set a value, or price, for a house up for sale which is not as significant as one would ...
  • Tempered Steel, vol. 27, 2017 

    Contributor:Campa Meza, Destiny; Hair, Jessica; Shown, Tyler; Lieberman, Christiana; Hernandez, Mark; Mendieta, Max; Brack, Sandy; Parker, Wesley; Aho, Jeff; Jimenez, Victoria; Gervais, Alison; Mondragón, Alexis; Coats, Matthew; Lowe, Ashley; Conroy, Daniel; Taylor, Eliana; Viera, Joey; Earl, Patricia; Farmer, Danielle; Barela, Julia; Linkowski, Audria; Kratzer, Mary; Rilling, Kerstin; Garcia, Katherine; Montano, Nadia; Androes, Nicholas; Mason, Antoria; Area, Ashlee; Brown, Nancy; Peachee, Emily; Paulson, Emily; Gill, Madison; Portillos, Alec; Burch, Ashlyn; Martinez, Alexis; Romero, Raven; Thomas, Darek
    Date Issued:2017
  • Tempered Steel, vol. 26, 2016 

    Contributor:Amaya, Bou; Campa Meza, Destiny; Enck, Matt; Ewing, Bryana; Hawkins, Matthew; Hearst, Clinton; Merzeau, Eterne; Rule, Andrea; Kennedy, Ceresa; Young, Alex; Carmichael, Cynthia; Conroy, Daniel; Evans, Charles; Falconer, Segan; Gill, Madison; Grublack, Melody; Hernandez, Mark; Lacy, Samantha; Mann, Emily; Martinez, Alexis; Matson, Isaac; Morgan, Isaiah; Ramos, Michelle; Robles, Megan; Rucker, Kayla; Sarper, Meral; Schroeder, Rachel
    Date Issued:2016
  • Tempered Steel, vol. 25, 2015 

    Contributor:Morrell, Sean; Cronk, Jynecca; Andrew, Carolyn; Montoya, Michael; Williams, Kyra; Espinoza, Shannon; Quackenbush, Heather; Foraker, Olivia; Smith, Christy Wiabel; Duran, Jemal; Portillos, Alec; Siegwarth, Ellysha; Welch, Jessi-Lynne; Garcia, Andrew; Grayson, Cala; Brown, Justin; Moore, Ecthelion; Griebel, Cody; Robles, Megan; Ewing, Bryana; Quintana, Rick; Rule, Andrea; Gill, Madison; Truc, Justine; Reed, Beau; Gervais, Alison
    Date Issued:2015
  • Oral history of La Cucaracha 

    Contributor:Trujillo, Freddie "Freak"Ortega, Jose A.;
    Date Recorded:2016-04-01
    Freddie “Freak” Trujillo discusses his association with La Cucaracha, an alternative Pueblo, Colorado newspaper. In a lively interview, Trujillo tells his story of how, as a young man from Trinidad, Colorado, he encountered ...
  • Oral history of La Cucaracha 

    Contributor:Gutierrez, Lola AtencioOrtega, Jose A.;
    Date Recorded:2016-04-13
    An important part of the alternative Chicano newspaper La Cucaracha was the controversial and politically charged cartoon strip El Chito. El Chito’s creator Lola Gutierrez, in an interview by José Antonio Ortega, reminds ...
  • Oral history of La Cucaracha 

    Contributor:Ortega, Jose EstebanOrtega, Jose A.;
    Date Recorded:2016-04-06
    Jose Esteban Ortega discusses his work with the alternative Chicano newspaper La Cucaracha in this interview with nephew Jose A. Ortega. Jose Esteban Ortega fought systemic racism throughout his life, as a student with ...
  • Oral history of La Cucaracha 

    Contributor:Martinez, Rita J.Ortega, Jose A.;
    Date Recorded:2016-05-21
    Rita J. Martinez, a prominent Chicana activist in Pueblo, Colorado, relates her experiences working on the alternative Pueblo, Colorado newspaper La Cucaracha. A native Puebloan, Martinez describes how she and other ...
  • Oral history of La Cucaracha 

    Contributor:Espinosa, Juan; Espinosa, Deborah; Martinez, David; Ortega, Jose Esteban; Martinez, Rita J.; Trujillo, Freddie "Freak"; Mora, PabloOrtega, Jose A.;
    Date Recorded:2016-06-03
    In this interview conducted by José A. Ortega, seven founding members of the alternative Chicano newspaper La Cucaracha talk about how they created one of the most long-lasting as well as successful publications to come ...
  • Oral history of La Cucaracha 

    Contributor:Martinez, DavidOrtega, Jose A.;
    Date Recorded:2016-05-21
    David Martinez reflects on his work with the Pueblo, Colorado alternative newspaper La Cucaracha, his involvement with the Chicano Movement and related topics. Martinez also discusses his upbringing in Denver, Colorado ...
  • Oral history of La Cucaracha 

    Contributor:Espinosa, Deborah K.Ortega, Jose A.;
    Date Recorded:2016-05-21
    Deborah K. Espinosa discusses her experiences as a co-founder of La Cucaracha, an alternative Pueblo Chicano newspaper. She discusses her life from early childhood to adulthood, and her role on the newspaper. She offered ...

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