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  • Ludlow in requiem: music of labor and coal mining 

    Contributor:Garcia, Jackie; Grooms, Ryan; Brown, Michelle; Eiman, Ashley; Koenig, Jene; Furrh, Madison
    Ludlow in Requiem: Music of Labor and Coal Mining commemorates the sacrifices of southern Colorado coal miners and their families during the Colorado Coalfield Strike, 1913-14. The work is a compliation of music and lyrics ...
  • Hispanic Cultural Experience 2012-2013 

    Contributor:Castro-Nava, Jesus; Fermán, María; Lora, Susana; McDonald, Bryan; Nesmith, Tawny; Rico, Aurora; Vensor, Samantha; Zavala, Maria; Martinez de Almendariz, Liz; Beascochea, Jose; Casio, Estrella; Castillo, Antoinette; Cruz, Marisol; Flores Vélez, Servio; Fleites Herrera, Juan; Loya, Miguel; Maldonado, Luis; Orellana, Shirley; Rubalcava Vargas, Edwin R.; Ruiz, Maura; Valdez, Federico; Arroyo-Soto, Carla A.; Carbajal, Stephanie; Carmona, Maira
    A collection of poetry, essays, & short stories from Pueblo, Colorado
  • Hispanic Cultural Experience 2013-2014 

    Contributor:Barrera, Angélica; Bonaparte, Valentina; Cortés, Eduardo; Estrada, Yessi; Garcia, Tatiana -- McDonald, Bryan; Nungaray, Gustavo; Ramos, Rosa; Rubalcava Vargas, Edwin R.; Sanchez, Jose D.; Soto-Luna, M. I.; Almanza, Dulce; Estrada, Irene; Luna, Itzia; Orbegozo, Valeria; Pinto, Edward; Rocha, Brandi; Romero-González, Mayra; Aguirre, Jennifer; Arreguin-Mancera, Rogelio; Avella, Sergio; Cabrera, Saul; Castillo, Yessica; Cortese, Shelby; Gamez, Brian; Garibay, Eduardo; Gatlin, Alicia K. C.; Provost, Bailey; Sánchez, Martin; Walker, Giovanni
    A collection of poetry, essays, & short stories from Pueblo, Colorado
  • Hispanic Cultural Experience 2015-2016 

    Contributor:López Haro, Zelda; Chesnut, Vanessa; Medina, Issac; Longoria, Arturo; Callaghan, Anya; Raya, María; Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Basilia; Alvarado, Guadalupe; Colin, Ivonne; Quinones, Elizabeth; Anthony; Fuentes, Juanita; Burns, Julee; Gamboa, Javier; Lowe Elementary (Arkansas); Adame, Diana; Sigala Orozco, Fabián; Zarraga, Karla; Diosdado, Juan; Avina, Maya; González, Violeta; Hernández, Bianca; Grimaldo, Sandy; Jones, Ashley; Venegas, Jorge; Karnes, Keith
    A collection of poetry, essays, & short stories from Pueblo, Colorado, and beyond
  • Hispanic Cultural Experience 2014-2015 

    Contributor:Jimenez Cruz, Dalia; McDonald, Bryan; Burns, Julee; Lozano, Rigoberto; Flores, Miriam; Gutierrez, Alejandra; Keeler, Scott; Cruz, Rita Maria; Gamez, Jael; Figueroa, Brenda B.; López, Kristina; Vásquez, Alexandro; Trevizo, Louis; Vialpando, Esparanca; Potter, Gabrielle; Evans, Justien; Karnes, Keith; Trainor, Daniel; Hughes, Bailey; Colin, Ivonne; Ríos-Rodríguez, Maria; Madrid, Sergio; Jaramillo, Stephanie Ana; Flores, Ulises; Kirsch, Emma; Jones, Ashley
    A collection of poetry, essays, & short stories from Pueblo, Colorado
  • 2017 Student Symposium : Program 

    Contributor:Student Symposium (5th : 2017 : Colorado State University-Pueblo)
    CSU-Pueblo 5th Annual 2017 Student Symposium. A celebration of research, scholarship & creative activity. Showcasing scholarly activities by students of: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication & Rhetoric, Engineering, ...
  • Timothy Mottet READ poster 

    Contributor:Colorado State University-Pueblo. Library
    CSU-Pueblo Celebrity READ poster featuring CSU-Pueblo President Timothy Mottet reading The Devil's Highway by Luís Alberto Urrea.
  • Jake Harmon READ poster 

    Contributor:Colorado State University-Pueblo. Library
    CSU-Pueblo Celebrity READ poster featuring ASG President Jake Harmon. Harmon is an avid reader and a student employee of the library. The Giver, by Lois Lowry, is a book he continually returns to and finds new meaning in.
  • Affect in writing: phenomenological perspective on the relation of mood and significance 

    Contributor:Wenger, Tim
    Date Submitted:2016
    Affect in Writing: A Phenomenological Perspective on the Relation of Mood and Significance is an attempt to use creative non-fiction to explore what it means to be a student in the education system through the related ...
  • Yet another introductory number theory textbook (Cryptology Emphasis Version) 

    Contributor:Poritz, Jonathan A.; Raji, Wissam
    Date Created:2014-05-07
    This is a first draft of a free (as in speech, not as in beer) (although it is free as in beer as well) undergraduate number theory textbook. It was used for Math 319 at Colorado State University – Pueblo in the spring ...
  • The effects of political rhetoric on refugee policy and communities in the United States and Germany 

    Contributor:Taylor, Eliana M.
    Date Submitted:2017
    International events today put into light the role of rhetoric and the impact on the development of government policies. Along with shifting power comes the shift in what policies are focused on. One of the most prevalent ...
  • Weighted multi-criteria energy planning and optimization 

    Contributor:Cakmak, Yunus
    Date Submitted:2017
    Energy planning and optimization involves multiple criteria decision-making process such as fulfilling energy demand, minimizing the emission of carbon-dioxide to the atmosphere, minimizing the consumption of fossil fuels, ...
  • Analysis of legal advertisements for cannabis products in Colorado 

    Contributor:Gula, Joanne; Shen, Jiaxi
    Cannabis was legalized in Colorado on 6 November 2012. It is illegal to advertise dispensaries that sell these products using any electronic source or social media that sends a signal beyond Colorado’s borders. However, ...
  • ICR 2017: Proceedings of the 1st annual conference of the Institute of Cannabis Research at CSU-Pueblo April 27-29, 2017 

    Contributor:Institute of Cannabis Research Conference (1st : 2017 : Colorado State University-Pueblo)
  • Rising from the shadows: a Zellweger baby's journey from Hospice to hope 

    Contributor:Holt, Megan
    Madeline is a four-year-old girl who suffers from a terminal genetic disease called Zellweger Syndrome. This disease destroys the white matter of the brain, and most children don’t survive past their first year of life. ...
  • Nanotechnology electrospinning experiment 

    Contributor:Wolfram, Marcus; Daniel, D. Mike; Vigil, Joey; Jaksic, Nebojsa; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung;
    Electrospinning is a technique which has been used in order to successfully create polymer nanofibers. In this process, a charged polymer jet is collected on a grounded collection plate. A polymer jet is formed when an ...
  • Ionic polymer metal composites used as an actuator 

    Contributor:Al-Allaq, Aiman H.; DeHerrera, Brandon; Li, Boyan; Jaksic, Nebojsa; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung;
    Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) are synthetic composite nanomaterials which can exhibit large dynamic deformation under a low electric field. The applications of these artificial muscles range from biomedical to ...
  • 3-D printing metal objects project 

    Contributor:Armijo, James; Daniel, D. Mike; Jaksic, Nebojsa; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung;
    Existing machines capable of 3D printing metal objects can cost in the range of millions of dollars and the process can be dangerous. It is desirable to develop a process that is inexpensive, safe, and open source based. ...
  • Los nombres de Alonso Quijano y Don Quijote : the names of Alonso Quijano and Don Quixote. Imagining and building a Hero 

    Contributor:Herraiz, Alicia
    Cervantes said of himself that he was the step-father, not the father, of the immortal character don Quixote. This can be easily understood when we considered that don Quixote is the creature of a certain Alonso Quijano. ...

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