Recent Submissions

  • Precipitating convective cloud downdraft structure : a synthesis of observations and modeling 

    Contributor:Knupp, Kevin Robert.;
    Date Submitted:1985
    This study represents a comprehensive investigation in which observations are integrated with three-dimensional cloud model results to examine the kinematic, dynamic and thermodynamic structure of downdrafts associated ...
  • Cloud-to-ground lightning polarity and environmental conditions over the central United States 

    Contributor:Kalb, Christina P.;
    Date Submitted:2007
    The majority of cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning across the United States lowers negative charge to the ground. However, recent studies have documented storms that produce an abundance of positive CG lightning. These positive ...
  • Spectral methods for limited area models 

    Contributor:Fulton, Scott R.;
    Date Submitted:1984
    This study investigates the usefulness of Chebyshev spectral methods in limited area atmospheric modeling. Basic concepts of spectral methods and properties of Chebyshev polynomials are reviewed. Chebyshev spectral methods ...
  • Estimation and linear prediction for regression, autoregression and ARMA with infinite variance data 

    Contributor:Cline, Daren B. H.;
    Date Submitted:1983
    This dissertation is divided into four parts, each of which considers random variables from distributions with regularly varying tails and/or in a stable domain of attraction. Part I considers the existence of infinite ...
  • Forging across boundaries 

    Contributor:Bereza, Gene Anthony;
    Date Submitted:2002
    In this thesis I employ my art as a medium for personal narrative and my outlook of the world. I use forged metal in the majority of the works but I also employ other metalsmithing techniques and include non-metal materials ...
  • Gloss : an incomplete glossary 

    Contributor:Lindsten, Scott;
    Date Submitted:2000
    Artmaking at the end of the twentieth century became engulfed by theory. In the wake of such movements as poststructuralism, deconstructionism, and postmodernism, came a reexamination of aesthetics which incorporated an ...
  • Loss and plenty : a banquet of age and spirit 

    Contributor:Sternlieb, Susan Joy;
    Date Submitted:2000
    This exhibition presents a still life tableau on a wooden banquet table, eighteen feet by three and one half feet. The objects on the table are platters, bowls, shards and potatoes of fired clay and urethane rubber. All ...
  • Gifts to a pagan grace 

    Contributor:Streams, Cheryl Josephine;
    Date Submitted:1994
    This thesis explores the inspiration and passion that have transformed my ideas into physical forms. By breaking boundaries, I explore both physical and surrounding space in the process of creating metal forms. Thus, in ...
  • The ubiquitious equine 

    Contributor:Kaup, Karla M. Parker;
    Date Submitted:1995
    I have been a connoisseur of the American back road for quite some time now. "Rural America" is a subculture that is quiet, yet powerful. As I swallow endless ribbons of asphalt one common sight has captivated me all my ...
  • Naturaleza muerta 

    Contributor:Mott, Cynthia;
    Date Submitted:1995
    I am constantly seeking out images that surround my daily life. I am attracted to the refuse of man-made objects that are left behind in varying states of decay. They become the records of existence, of the comings and ...
  • Planes of reality 

    Contributor:Tisdale, Tracy Lee;
    Date Submitted:1990
    I am using a format of a barrage of selected images to show the inundation of images we as individuals receive on a daily basis. Each panel is composed of bordered images, combined to produce a comprehensive subject. The ...
  • Nothing stays unchanged 

    Contributor:Kim, Unmi;
    Date Submitted:1989
    The concepts of time and memory have been the dominant influence in my work for a number of years. The two are inextricably linked to the reality in which we live and the manner in which we perceive that reality. It was ...
  • The Putnam River stories : blankets from 1984 to 1987 

    Contributor:Trottmann, Robert Bruce;
    Date Submitted:1987
    The blankets are about birds, rivers, deer, and sticks. They are about the stages: life, death, birth, and rebirth. They describe walking crippled and not walking at all, fences, stairways, barriers, and protection. They ...
  • A personal symbolism 

    Contributor:Ash, Lori Jean;
    Date Submitted:1984
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • Object, emotion and materials 

    Contributor:Canary, Susan;
    Date Submitted:1984
    The lithographs and watercolors of my thesis are still lives and landscapes which demonstrate my concerns with personal, emotional subject matter and simultaneous exploration of the mediums.
  • Axis mundi 

    Contributor:Valenti, Anne;
    Date Submitted:1991
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • Mirage 

    Contributor:Magada, Michael F.;
    Date Submitted:1997
    The results of my involvement with abstract form, subjective content, and referential imagery have evolved into my thesis work which is a series of landscape paintings collectively entitled Mirage. Thematically, the paintings ...
  • Interior event 

    Contributor:Bridges, Amy C.;
    Date Submitted:1984
    My work is based on rooms I have entered, where a corner or objects on a table quicken and stimulate me visually. The way things are placed geometrically and the way light falls to alter and distort them becomes a phenomenon ...
  • Building drawings with patterns of processed stereotyped motifs 

    Contributor:Herbert, Frank L.;
    Date Submitted:1982
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • Masks and transformations 

    Contributor:Smalley, Lowell K.;
    Date Submitted:1989
    I use the mask as a vehicle to carry the symbols I feel call attention to the metaphors which best represent my philosophy of life. Inspired by my studies of Ancient American (Mayan and Anasazi) art and archaeology, I use ...

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