Recent Submissions

  • Capture the Flag : computer science style 

    Contributor:Robertson, Kathy Lynn; Massey, Dan; Ray, Indrajit;
    Date Submitted:2006
    With today's technology, and corresponding security vulnerabilities it is important for students to have security in the forefront of their thought process when creating or maintaining networks, hardware and software. It ...
  • Leukocyte population dynamics in response to ovalbumin peptide immunization in DO11 mice 

    Contributor:Mitrescu, Laura M.; Schenkel, Alan R.;
    Date Submitted:2006
    DO11 mice are transgenic mice, which have a T cell receptor (TCR) capable of specifically recognizing the protein ovalbumin. CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes carrying this TCR be easily traced, making these mice a useful animal ...
  • Design with a client in mind : using an abstract model for apparel design 

    Contributor:Morris, Kristen D.; Sanders, Eulanda A.;
    Date Submitted:2006
    The purpose of this project was to design a line of three non-traditional women's business wear jackets that successfully met the needs of a specific target market according to Lamb and Kallal's Functional, Expressive, and ...
  • Bridging the gap between the old and young? 

    Contributor:McAlister, Courtney; McHenry, Megan Dawn; Downey, Eleanor Pepi;
    Date Submitted:2006
    This study used a semantic differential scale to investigate the attitudes that students at Colorado State University hold toward older adults. The instrument evaluates specific attitudes held by college students. These ...
  • High resolution microscope of the future : using an ultrashort wavelength laser to image integrated circuits 

    Contributor:Tippie, Abbie; Kautz, Christopher; and Eifealdt, Eric L.; Menoni, Carmen S.;
    Date Submitted:2006
    As the dimensions of integrated circuits continue to decrease, new metrology tools that acan inspect the nanoscale patterns and features need to be developed. In this project we developed a compact zone plate imaging tool ...
  • Endoplasmic reticulum stress increases glucose production in vivo via effects on liver glycogenolysis and glucose-6-phosphatase activity 

    Contributor:Gonzales, Jon C.; Wang, Dong; Wei, Yuren; Pagliassotti, Michael J.;
    Date Submitted:2006
    Recent evidence suggests that endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress can induce impairments in both insulin secretion and insulin action. The aim of the present study was to examine the effects of ER stress on glucose production ...
  • ATM and CHK-1 activity in young versus senescent human fibroblasts 

    Contributor:Axelrad, Jessica D.; Ray, Andrew F.;
    Date Submitted:2006
    ATM and CHK1 are two different DNA repair proteins. As such, they are an important factor in preventing tumors caused by multiple damages and subsequent mutations in the DNA strands. As people get older they have an increased ...