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  • Rolston bio-profile HD slideshow 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
  • The Anthropocene! : beyond the natural? - UWSP 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    We are now entering the Anthropocene Epoch, so runs a recent enthusiastic claim. Humans can and ought go beyond the natural and powerfully engineer a better planet, managing for climate change, building new ecosystems for ...
  • The Anthropocene! : beyond the natural? - OSU 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    We are now entering the Anthropocene Epoch, so runs a recent enthusiastic claim. Humans can and ought go beyond the natural and powerfully engineer a better planet, managing for climate change, building new ecosystems for ...
  • NTDTV interview 

    Holmes Rolston is interviewed by a reporter for NTDTV, New Tang Dynasty TV, about pollution from Formosa Plastics at How-May-Li wetland, Taiwan, on June 3, 2016. From NTDTV newscast.
  • What we need to flourish : rethinking external goods and the ecological systems that provide them 

    Contributor:Shockley, Kenneth
    Kenneth Shockley gives his Inaugural Lecture in Holmes Rolston III Endowed Chair in Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, October 14, 2016. How should we balance the need for development with the need for environmental ...
  • Preaching on the environment 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston lecture at Taiwan Theological Seminary, Taipei, June 2, 2016. Biblical faith originated with a land ethic. Within the covenant, keeping the commandments, the Hebrew people entered a promised land. Nature is the ...
  • Rolston interview by Pascale Smeesters and Bau Dang Van 

    Contributor:Smeesters, Pascale; Van,Bau Dang
    Rolston interview by Pascale Smeesters and Bau Dang Van on September 6, 2016, at Rolston's home. What is "nature"? Nature compared with culture. Does true "wilderness" exist? Humans respect a wonderland planet. Value in ...
  • A remarkably free man 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Sermon at First Presbyterian Church, Fort Collins, September 4, 2016. Humans cherish freedom. Americans live in "the land of the free and the home of the brave." College students, on leaving home, are free to do their ...
  • One health - eco-health 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Lecture: One Health - Eco-Health given the at National Taiwan University, Risk Society and Policy Research Center, College of Social Science on June 8, 2016. There is only one world and only one health. Health effects ...
  • Three big bangs : are we the biggest? 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    In our lifetimes, we who are senior citizens have learned from the recent discoveries of scientists some startling facts about the universe. At the primordial big bang, matter?energy appears, with the remarkable capacity ...
  • Technology and/or nature : denatured/renatured/engineered/artifacted life? 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    In our high-tech world, do we live at the end of nature? Is the technosphere replacing the biosphere? Can humans control their genetically inherited Pleistocene appetites in an Anthropocene Epoch? Is experience of the ...
  • Environmental aesthetics in China : East West dialogue 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Lecture by Holmes Rolston III presented in Wuhan, China, at the Environmental Aesthetics and Beautiful China International Conference, May 20-23, 2015. 1. Art and Nature: Chinese Landscape as a Work of Art? 2. Urban, Rural, ...
  • Three big bangs : November 7, 2013 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Scientific natural history discovers "three big bangs," each marking a serendipitous singularity. (1) At the primordial big bang, matter-energy appears, initially in simpler forms, but with the remarkable capacity to ...
  • Messaging morality : ethics across the cosmos 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston lecture at a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) workshop, February 14, 2015, Mountain View, California. When we consider active SETI, or METI, transmitting messages that might be received by extraterrestrial ...
  • Why wilderness? 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Rolston talk at the 2014 Mansfield Conference, "The Storied Past, The Troubled Future: The Imperative of Wilderness at 50 Years," held at the University of Montana, September 10-12. 1. Half a Century of Wilderness; 2. ...
  • Gifford Lecture 1 : Genetic creativity : diversity and complexity in natural history 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Central to the contemporary Darwinian view is emerging diversity and complexity. Genes are critical in this historic composition. In physics and chemistry, there is matter and energy, but in biology there is proactive ...
  • Down to Earth : persons in natural history [part 1] 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Lecture covers the following topics: Ethics living in place; Earth as home planet; Aristotle and humans as political animals, living in cities, humans as both citizens of cities and residences on landscapes; correcting ...
  • Earth : the planet gone wild 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    The Earth produces of itself. Mark 4.28. 1. Planetary Aesthetics: Earth from Space. 2. The Wild Planet: Biological Beauty. 3. Wildlands and Wonder. 4. The Planet with Promise
  • Does aesthetic appreciation of nature need to be science-based? 

    Contributor:Stevens, Christopher
    Science-based aesthetic appreciation of nature can differ significantly from non-science-based appreciation, for example in understanding a volcanic eruption in Hawaii geologically or as the anger of the goddess Pelé. ...
  • Animals : beasts present in flesh & blood 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    The young lions roar for their prey, seeking their food from God. Psalm 104.21. 1. Born Wild and Free. 2. Beauty in Motion. 3. Predators and Prey. 4. Humans: Aesthetic Animals

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