Recent Submissions

  • Power, politics, and the origin of the Chinese Exclusion Era 

    Contributor:Campbell, Jessica;
    Date Submitted:2017
    This study places the origins of the Chinese Exclusion Era (1823-1882) in a larger regional, national, and international context to reveal that the Chinese Exclusion Era was not a direct cause and effect relationship between ...
  • Confederate military strategy : the outside forces that caused change 

    Contributor:Varnold, Nathan;
    Date Submitted:2016
    When addressed with military strategy the first thought is to drift towards the big name battlefields: Shiloh, Perryville, Stones River, Chickamauga, and Chattanooga. Our obsession with tactics and outcomes clouds our ...
  • Accelerating waters : an Anthropocene history of Colorado's 1976 Big Thompson Flood 

    Contributor:Wright, Will;
    Date Submitted:2016
    Scale matters. But in the Anthropocene, it is not clear how environmental scholars navigate between analytical levels from local and regional phenomena on the one hand, to global Earth-system processes on the other. The ...
  • Rapid ascent : Rocky Mountain National Park in the Great Acceleration, 1945-present 

    Contributor:Boxell, Mark;
    Date Submitted:2016
    After the Second World War's conclusion, Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) experienced a massive rise in visitation. Mobilized by an affluent economy and a growing, auto-centric infrastructure, Americans rushed to RMNP ...
  • Digital History Class of 2016 

    Contributor:Sarah Payne
    Digital History Class of 2016 in front of Johnson Hall
  • New Stadium Under Construction 

    Contributor:Hodgell, Beth
    Exterior of the stadium construction.
  • Conclusion Image, Building Collage 

    Contributor:Hodgell, Kris
    Building Collage Image, compares historic photos with modern photos, light green ram horn in the center.
  • Spruce Hall 

    Contributor:Swolley, Kailee
    Exterior photo of Spruce Hall.
  • Aggie Village Redevelopment 

    Contributor:Hodgell, Beth
    Exterior photo of the Aggie Village Redevelopment on a snowy day, under construction.
  • Student Recreation Center, 2016 

    Contributor:Kelly, Shannon
    Exterior photo of the Student Recreation Center.
  • Morgan Library 

    Contributor:Vanhoozer, Dane
    Photo depicts the north east corner of Morgan Library on an overcast day.
  • Administration Building 

    Contributor:Jones, Maggie Moss
    The front/north view of the Administration building on a snowy day.
  • President's House 

    Contributor:Boxell, Mark
    At the junction of Laurel Street and Drake Road, the president's home stands with a large lawn in front on a overcast day.
  • Stadium Renderings 

    Artists' rendering of the proposed CSU stadium
  • Building Collage with Ram Horn 

    Contributor:Kris Hodgell
    CSU building collage with ram horn in the center
  • Student Center / Lory 

    Student Center / Lory
  • Aggie Village Redevelopment Renderings 

    Artist's rendering of Aggie Village Redevelopment
  • Administration 

    Close-up view of the Administration Building
  • Anatomy-Zoology Building 

    Photo and caption of new Anatomy-Zoology Building, 60% complete. CSU Comments, March 23, 1972.
  • Anatomy-Zoology Building 

    Architectural drawing of CSU's new Anatomy building. CSU Collegian, October 29, 1969.

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