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        1970 insect studies at Osage comprehensive site [1]
        1970 meteorological data availability for the Pawnee site [1]
        1970-1971 soil movement at the Pawnee intensive site [1]
        A comparison of the esophageal fistula with rumen samples for the determination of the botanical and chemical composition of the diet of herbivores [1]
        A field light quality laboratory--initial experiment : the measurement of percent of functioning vegetation in grassland areas by remote sensing methodology [1]
        A grazing lands plant-decomposition, carbon-mineral simulation model [1]
        A lysimeter for the Pawnee Site [1]
        A method of generating a single R=2 FORTRAN cross reference map for a large SIMCOMP simulation [1]
        A model and experimental data on changes in plant community structure during a growing season [1]
        A model for predicting soil temperature from air temperature [1]
        A numerical analysis of grassland faunal resemblances [1]
        A preliminary bird population dynamics and biomass model [1]
        A preliminary compartment model of a tallgrass prairie, Osage site, 1970 [1]
        A preliminary model for consumer predation [1]
        A preliminary report on new separation techniques for live-dead aboveground grass herbage and roots from dry soil cores [1]
        A preliminary survey of the coprophilous fungi from a semi-arid grassland in Colorado [1]
        A quantitative food web analysis of a shortgrass community [1]
        A study of rodents in northeastern Colorado [1]
        A study of the dry weight rank method of botanical analysis [1]
        A study of the weight estimation method of botanical analysis [1]