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      • Greeley-Poudre [1] C 

        Contributor:Carpenter, DelphCarpenter, L. G. (Louis George), 1861-1935; Crose, Newton W.;
        Correspondence between Delph Carpenter and several people on topics such as compensating the bondholders of the Greeley-Poudre Irrigation District, the failure of the Laramie-Poudre Reservoirs and Irrigation Company to ...
      • Notes and miscellaneous 

        Contributor:Carpenter, DelphEssig, Charles;
        "Record Concerning Greeley-Poudre Canal and McGrew Reservoir, also March and Camfield Reservoirs," Delph Carpenter's notes on irrigation structures and legal rulings pertinent to the Greeley-Poudre Irrigation District ...
      • Reservoir filings, Purgatory River above Higbee 

        Contributor:Meeker, R. I. (Ralph Inman), 1878-
        Chart listing reservoir filings on the Purgatory (i.e., Purgatoire) River above Higbee, Colorado, by R. I. Meeker
      • Greeley-Poudre [1] O 

        Contributor:Carpenter, Delph
        Letter from Delph Carpenter to Great Western Sugar Company Manager A. V. Officer thanking him for information about sugar beets in the Wheatfield, Eaton, and Greeley districts
      • Colorado River [1] C 

        Contributor:Collisson, George E.
        Letter from Denver Chamber of Commerce Manager George E. Collisson to Delph Carpenter concerning a visit by the Honorable Clarence C. Stetson of Bangor, Maine
      • Bill for an act to approve the La Plata River Compact, A [two versions] 

        An edited and an unedited copy of the 1922 La Plata River Compact bill
      • Brief on law of interstate compacts[by DEC] 

        Brief prepared by Carpenter on the law behind interstate compacts
      • Early history South Platte River 

        Excerpts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Bulletin No. 157 that discusses water levels and flow of the South Platte River according to early settlers in the 1860s-1870s
      • Map of the Empire Reservoirs and Ditches 

        Map of the Empire Reservoirs and Ditches in Garfield County, Colorado. Includes textual description of the reservoir and ditch.
      • Man amidst snow-covered trees 

      • Medicine Bow trip 

        Contributor:Carpenter, DelphMoan, Robert E.;
        Two reports by Delph Carpenter, a letter from Carpenter to USGS Engineer C. A. Ecklund requesting a group of mountains be named after Carpenter, and a letter from Water District 48 Commissioner Robert E. Moan about assisting ...
      • Report on meeting N.R.C. Federal-State Representatives, Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins 

        Contributor:Carpenter, Delph
        Early environmental and recreational considerations; siltation concerns; Colorado-Big Thompson issues
      • Memoranda of trip to Julesburg and other points from Denver 

        Contributor:Teele, R. P. (Ray Palmer), 1868-1927
        Summary of trip through northeastern Colorado containing information on the irrigation districts of North Sterling, Western, and Julesburg, including reservoirs, irrigation canals, and seepage in these areas
      • "Colorado River" E 

        Contributor:Carpenter, Delph
        Carpenter's explanation of how 7,500,000 acre-feet became part of the Colorado River Compact.
      • "Rivers, misc." M 

        Contributor:Carpenter, Delph
        Discussion on the role of the Bureau of Reclamation in irrigation and power production and administration of the public domain.
      • Preliminary agenda for executive sessions of commission at Phoenix 

        Premises and assumptions for the creation of the Colorado River Compact and data on discharge
      • "River Comm. [Commission]" M 

        Correspondence between Delph Carpenter and several others, including R. G. Hosea, M. C. Mechem, and R. Meeker, concerning the Colorado River Compact
      • Maps 

        Maps of the Arkansas River Basin, including Amity Land Company, Holly, Colo.; Arkansas River Basin; Bent and Prowers Irrigation District, Colo.; Mammoth Reservoir, Las Animas County, Colo.; I. S. Reservoir, Bent County, ...
      • Grand Army of the Republic ribbon 

        Ribbon with eagle perched on cannons, star, and Grand Army of the Republic insignia; belonged to Michael J. Hogarty
      • Greeley-Poudre [1] H 

        Contributor:Carpenter, DelphHart, I. W.; Hayt, Charles D.;
        Correspondence between Delph Carpenter and others concerning financial and legal matters associated with the Greeley-Poudre Irrigation District and Wyoming v. Colorado. The folder includes letters regarding a trip to Wyoming ...