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  • Chinook Fund 2008 - grant application 

    Contributor:Maestas, Norman R.; Sullivan, Michele M.; Land Rights Council; Chinook Fund
    Land Rights Council grant application to the 2008 Chinook Fund
  • Cielo Vista - inventory report 

    Contributor:Williams, Ezekiel J.; DeHerrera, Jerome A.; Roath, Roy; Land Rights Council
    Email discussion concerning a grazing report for La Sierra followed by the Cielo Vista Inventory Report by Dr. Roy Roath with field, data analysis foreman Kyle Heinrick, dated December 2007
  • Cielo Vista Ranch, Culebra Peak hiking info. 

    Contributor:Land Rights Council; Cielo Vista Ranch; La Cucaracha; La Sierra Publications, Inc.
    Information about Cielo Vista Ranch and hiking Culebra Peak with a topographical map. La Cucaracha newspaper article, Land struggle grows at Ojo Caliente, dated August 21. May 14, 1999, La Sierra newspaper articles to ...
  • Attorney info. 

    Contributor:Land Rights Council
    Attorney information profiles and certificate of service of individuals served by mail
  • Activities 

    Contributor:Jaquez, Charlie J., Jr.; Land Rights Council
    Land Rights Council (LRC) budget reports and list of board of directors. Charlie J. Jaquez, Jr. wrote a letter to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and attorney Jeffrey A. Goldstein thanking them for the support ...
  • Activities 

    Contributor:Valdez, Arnold A.; Land Rights Council
    San Luis activities included a rally in support of the heirs of the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant, Santa Ana celebrations, and public meeting to meet the new owners of La Sierra
  • Attachments 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Jeffrey A.; Lloyd, Julian; Land Rights Council
    Report of legal coordinator, Real v. Taylor Project - Land Rights Council, Campaign for Human Development Quarterly Report, May 1 - October 31, 1997, by Jeffrey A. Goldstein. La Sierra Foundation, Land Rights Counsel, and ...
  • 1993 map of La Sierra 

    Contributor:Valdez, Maria; Valdez, Arnold A.; Land Rights Council
    1993 map of southern Costilla County with editorial by Maria Valdez discussing the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant, Colorado Supreme Court, Taylor Ranch, and Costilla County
  • Colorado Arts 2008 - grant application 

    Contributor:Sears, Sheila; Mariner, Elaine; Land Rights Council; Colorado Council on the Arts; National Endowment for the Arts
    Colorado Council on the Arts with funds from National Endowment for the Arts, offered a grant in 2009 for Artist and Organizations. The Land Rights Council applied but was turned down. Email conversations, grant application, ...
  • Activities 

    Contributor:Owens, Bill, 1950 October 22-; Sanchez, Frederick; Land Rights Council
    A public notice of a forum on land, treaties and law followed by six photographic images of a protest. An article from SLV Lifestyles, Sangre de Cristo grant was the cradle of Hispanic civilization, dated January 24, 2001, ...
  • Audit - Wall, Smith, Bateman, and Associates, Inc. 

    Contributor:Bateman, Paul V.; Wall, Smith, Bateman, and Associates
    Letter from Paul V. Bateman of Wall, Smith, Bateman and Associates, Inc. to the Board of Directors for the Land Rights Council confirming understanding of arrangements for an audit to examine financial statements related ...
  • Board meetings, reports, and forms 

    Contributor:Valdez, Mathew; Maestas, Norman; Romero-Otero, Shirley; Topp, Harrison N.; DeHerrera, Jerome A.; Land Rights Council
    Communications indicate that attorney Antonio Gallegos of Holland and Hart was to meet with the LRC board to discuss plaintiffs and a legal hearing at the District Court for Costilla County. Plans included a legal clinic, ...
  • Meeting minutes 

    Contributor:Valdez, Arnold A.; Martin, Pat; Russell, Daniel M.; Land Rights Council
    Daniel M. Russell of Russell Surveyors and Associates, Inc. wrote of the Chama bottom lands, tract 15, and portion of the school tract having ownership confusion over deeded lands. This Chama property is a planned site for ...
  • Meeting minutes 

    Contributor:Sandoval, Ron A.; Land Rights Council
    Minutes include a public notice of the Land Rights Council inviting the public with interest in the land, Sangre de Cristo Land Grant - La Sierra, to a meeting in Chama, Colorado. Project development committee minutes for ...
  • Meeting minutes 

    Contributor:Valdez, Maria; Maestas, Gloria R.; Land Rights Council
    The Rael versus Taylor lawsuit was a lead topic. In June 1997 there were letters to the board from Maria Valdez and Gloria Rael Maestas asking the board to not take action on the motion to drop the lawsuit. Public notices ...
  • Meeting minutes 

    Contributor:Romero-Otero, Shirley; Valdez, Arnold A.; Green, Bob; Land Rights Council; La Sierra Foundation
    Shirley Romero-Otero, President of the Land Rights Council (LRC), wrote to Emerita Romero-Anderson of the National Heritage Areas Committee to support the "committee's efforts to establish designation of the three San Luis ...
  • LRC Board of Directors, organization chart 

    Contributor:Land Rights Council
    An undated organizational chart
  • Funding reports 

    Contributor:Goldstein, Marcia T.; Goldstein, Jeffrey A.; Jaquez, Charlie J., Jr.; Land Rights Council; Goldstein and Dodge
    Funding reports include correspondence between the Lands Rights Council (LRC) and Goldstein and Dodge, LLP, attorneys at law, as well as the pre-application form for the 1998 funding cycle for the Campaign for Human ...
  • Bylaws, 2005 (articles of incorporation) 

    Contributor:Land Rights Council
    2004 draft of the bylaws and a resolution supporting the "La Sierra sustainable use rights management plan and community organization project". 2005 amended articles of incorporation and bylaws.
  • Land Rights Council, non-profit material 

    Contributor:Buchanan, Mary Estill; Jaquez, Charlie J. Jr.; Romero-Otero, Shirley; Land Rights Council
    Bylaws, 1979 State of Colorado certificate of incorporation to Land Rights Council as a non profit corporation, the 1979-1980 organizational chart, 1982 articles of incorporation, and the 1997 biennial report of the corporation

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