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      • President Taft - touching gold bell which opened flood through Gunnison Tunnel, Montrose, Colorado 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        At the rim of a deep crevice, on a platform, President Taft touches a gold bell on a table, to signal the release of a high volume of water through the Gunnison Tunnel in Montrose, Colorado.
      • Residential section of Fort Collins - aerial view 

        Contributor:Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
        Viewed from the air, College Avenue is seen running south to north, from Mulberry to Vine. Landmarks seen are the train yard on Jefferson St., the Northern Hotel, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Lincoln School and the downtown ...
      • Al Peters, Camp Collins cowboy - historic 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Mr. Al Peters stands in full cowboy outfit, holding a coil of rope in his left hand and a single rope in his right.
      • West Mountain Avenue 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Looking down a snowy Mountain Avenue, the trolley car moves away from the foothills, down the meridian of the street. Looking west along West Mountain Avenue near the Lyons Street intersection. A Fort Collins Municipal ...
      • Presbyterian Church - interior 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        A view of the Presbyterian Church's altar area, decorated in holiday style.
      • Mr. Nightengale - postmaster 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Postmaster Nightengale, sits at a desk with reading material, and an early style telephone in front of him.
      • Y.M.C.A. Building 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        The back of the Y.M.C.A., a 4-storied brick and stone building with trees growing close by.
      • Street scene 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Viewing a church located on the corner of an intersection in Fort Collins.
      • Street view 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        View of tree-lined street.
      • Fort Collins and Vicinity - aerial view 

        Contributor:Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
        A photograph of a painting of Fort Collins from the air, with the college campus prominently featured at the bottom of the painting and imaginative foothills and mountains in the background.
      • Rural scenes - composite 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Ten photographs, on a single sheet, depicting farming examples photographed by the U.S.D.A. "Mr. Kinghorn interviews a turkey at Tom Keipers" is 1 of the photographs.
      • J.L. Angerman Heating-Tinning motor car 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        A black truck with, "Auto Radiator Repairing; J. L. Angerman; Heating-Tinning; Phone 271 W. 248 Linden," painted on its side.
      • Larimer County Hospital 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        The Larimer County Hospital, a 3-storied brick structure with 6 columns holding the front porch, sits among many tall trees. Sixteen automobiles are parked on the road in front of it.
      • Northern Colorado - map 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Hand drawn map of comparison between the present route and explored route in the southern portion of the Wyoming territory.
      • Nash's Drug Store 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Inside Nash's Drug Store, 3 men stand behind counters and a soda fountain. A fourth man stands behind a glass case of cigars.
      • Fort Collins view 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        A 2-storied white frame house with 4 columns stands at the end of several bungalow styled houses on a street in Fort Collins.
      • College Drive 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        View of a tree-lined sidewalk in winter with snow on the ground.
      • Passenger boarding a City of Fort Collins Transfort bus 

        Contributor:Colorado State University
        An older woman is boarding the Transfort bus in Fort Collins, Colorado.
      • Professor Bray's residence 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        One-story frame home with a pyramid-shaped roof; front porch with 4 columns and a hanging swing; a man in a suit sits on the porch's half-wall and a woman stands to the right; house number 326 visible on porch soffit; brick ...
      • Business section of Fort Collins - aerial view 

        Contributor:Colorado State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
        An aerial view of downtown Fort Collins showing the Mountain Avenue and College Street intersection including the Jefferson Street railroad station and train yard. The Carnegie Library appears in the lower center portion ...