Recent Submissions

  • Letter from L. G. Carpenter to B. A. McAllister 

    Contributor:Carpenter, L. G.McAllister, B. A.;
    Letter thanking McAllister for advice on investigation of loco and asking for more information about losses. Carpenter asks for trip transportation for J. E. Payne and offers McAllister Payne's Bulletin 59.
  • Letter from L. G. Carpenter to S. L. Lester 

    Contributor:Carpenter, L. G.Lester, S. L.;
    Reply advising that J. H. Buttorff of Fort Collins has a patented gate for raising and lowering lateral gates that is cheaper than the Powell gate
  • Letter from C. P. Gillette to W. L. Rockwell 

    Contributor:Gillette, C. P.Rockwell, W. L.;
    Letter to Texas explaining Colorado irrigation laws and how decisions are made concerning water rights. He advises that construction of reservoirs is an extremely hazardous financial venture.
  • Letter from C. P. Gillette to A. F. Woods 

    Contributor:Gillette, C. P.Woods, A. F.;
    Letter to Director of Minnesota University Farm program explaining what land is in the Colorado program and how it is used. He also explains the structure of Colorado's farm related departments.
  • Letter from W. G. M. Stone to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Stone, W. G. MCarpenter, L. G.;
    Letter from Colorado State Forestry Association praising Mills work and encouraging that he tour and write a book to promote the forests.
  • Letter from B. E. Fernow to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Fernow, B. E.Carpenter, L. G.;
    Letter from Director of New York State College of Forestry relating story about meeting where Major Powell supported cutting off the forests to add to snow melt off.
  • Letter from Enos A., Mllls to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Mills, Enos A.Carpenter, L. G.;
    Letter reporting Mills' activities.
  • Letter from State Board of Agriculture to President Theodore Roosevelt 

    Contributor:State Board of AgricultureRoosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919;
    Letter stressing the importance of the sugar beet industry in Colorado and its benefit to the United States. They urge him to ask Congress to refrain from any action that might jeopardize this developing industry.
  • Kamehameha schools 

    Contributor:Kamehameha Schools
    Booklet about Kamehameha Schools.
  • Letter to Charles Bartlett Dyke to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Dyke, Charles BartlettCarpenter, L. G.;
    Letter from Kamehameha Schools in Honolulu, Hawaii asking for circulars and reports for their library and reference for their Agricultural Department.
  • Letter from F. W. Montogomery, Great Plains Water Company to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Montgomery, F. W.Carpenter, L. G.;
    Letter arranging to attend a water commissioners and canal superintendents meeting in Denver and reporting on the lack of water in areas of the state.
  • Letter from M. O. Coggins and Company to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:M.O. Coggins and CompanyCarpenter, L. G.;
    Reply to inquiry by distributing agents of Rocky Ford Colorado cantaloupes.
  • Letter from Empson Packing Company to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Empson Packing CompanyCarpenter, L. G.;
    Letter requesting resending of various bulletins on irrigation.
  • Letter from Wohanka and Company to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Wohanka and CompanyCarpenter, L. G.;
    Letter requesting the results of sugar beet seed tests from their Austrian seeds.
  • Letter from L. G. Carpenter to B. A. McAllister 

    Contributor:Carpenter, L. G.McAllister, B. A.;
    Letter describing the findings at Cheyenne Wells substation regarding grazing and grasses.
  • Letter from E. E. Reed to Alton Ellis 

    Contributor:Reed, E. E.Ellis, Alton;
    Letter requesting bulletins and ag. info. for normal school students in Mo.
  • Letter from B. A. McAllister to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:McAllister, B. A.Carpenter, L. G.;
    Reply to Carpenters information about crops at Cheyenne Wells and discussing its findings.
  • Letter from George W. Carver to L. G. Carpenter 

    Contributor:Carver, George W.Carpenter, L. G.;
    Letter requesting Bulletin 56, "The Birds of Colorado."
  • Letter from W. H. Riley to Alton Ellis 

    Contributor:Riley, W. H.Ellis, Alton;
    Letter from Boulder T.B. Sanitarium requesting back issues of bulletins and sending treatment reports for 50 patients.
  • Letter from Hubert Myrick to Alton Ellis 

    Contributor:Myrick, HubertEllis, Alton;
    Letter from editor asking for support of proposition to abolish the government seed shop, substitute a plant introduction bureau in the Dept. of Ag. and establish international effort to lift prices of Am. corn. The ...

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