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  • Leisure and death : an anthropological tour of risk, death, and dying 

    Contributor:Kaul, Adam; Skinner, Jonathan
    Interdisciplinary study of dark tourism that examines the relationship between leisure and death, specifically how leisure practice is used to meditate upon and mediate life. Grounded in international anthropological case ...
  • The geysers of Yellowstone 

    Contributor:Bryan, T. Scott
    The most up-to-date and comprehensive reference to the geysers of Yellowstone National Park that describes in detail each of the more than 500 geysers in the park. The entire text has been revised and most geyser descriptions ...
  • Archaeological perspectives on warfare on the Great Plains 

    Contributor:Clark, Andrew J.; Bamforth, Douglas B.
    Anthropologists from across the Plains critically examine regional themes of warfare from pre-Contact and post-Contact periods and assess how war shaped and reflected human societies on the Plains. Brings together research ...
  • The archaeology of large-scale manipulation of prey : the economic and social dynamics of mass hunting 

    Contributor:Carlson, Kristen; Bement, Leland C.
    Expands the understanding of large-scale hunting methods beyond the customary role of subsistence and survival to include the social and political realms where large-scale hunting adaptations evolved, primarily from the ...
  • Life beyond the boundaries : constructing identity in edge regions of the North American Southwest 

    Contributor:Harry, Karen G.; Herr, Sarah A.
    Exploring identity formation in American Southwest communities during pre-contact. Focused on some of the more poorly understood regions using methods drawn from science, anthropology, and history to investigate a variety ...
  • Pueblos within pueblos : tlaxilacalli communities in Acolhuacan, Mexico, ca. 1272-1692 

    Contributor:Johnson, Benjamin D.
    Systematically analyzing tlaxilacalli history over four centuries, beginning with their rise at the dawn of the Aztec empire through their transformation into "pueblos" of mid-colonial New Spain. Before the Aztecs rise, ...
  • Archaeology of the night : life after dark in ancient world 

    Contributor:Gonlin, Nancy; Nowell, April
    A diverse team of experienced scholars used a variety of methods and resources to reconstruct how ancient peoples experienced the night, their views of the dark, their portrayals of the night, and how people in everyday ...
  • Constructions of time and history in the pre-Columbian Andes 

    Contributor:Swenson, Edward; Roddick, Andrew P.
    Explores archaeological approaches to temporalities, social memory, and constructions of history in the pre-Columbian Andes. Examining a range of indigenous temporal experiences and ideologies, including astronomical, ...
  • Maya potters' indigenous knowledge : cognition, engagement, and practice 

    Contributor:Arnold, Dean E.
    Based on fieldwork and reflection over a period of fifty years, Arnold utilizes engagement theory to describe the indigenous knowledge of traditional Maya potters in Ticul, Yucatán, Mexico. Arnold examines craftspeople's ...
  • Historical and archaeological perspectives on the Itzas of Petén, Guatemala 

    Contributor:Rice, Prudence M.; Rice, Don S.
    A detailed and thorough account of the Itzas--a Maya group that dominated much of the west lowland area of Petén, Guatemala. A theoretical perspective on the origins and an overview of the social, political, linguistic, ...
  • Words & worlds turned around : indigenous Christianities in colonial Latin America 

    Contributor:Tavárez, David
    A sophisticated, state-of-the-art approach to the embrace of Christianity by indigenous societies, that reveals the manifold transformations of Christian discourses in the colonial Americas. Surveying how Christian messages ...
  • A history of mortgage banking in the West : financing America's dreams 

    Contributor:Rosser, E. Michael; Sanders, Diane M.
    How the mortgage banking sector worked in the second half of the twentieth century, including analysis of the 2007 mortgage crisis. Beginning with the land and railroad development acts that encouraged Western settlement, ...
  • The last stand of the pack 

    Contributor:Carhart, Arthur H.; Young, Stanley P.; Gulliford, Andrew; Wolf, Tom
    Published in 1929, a historical account of wolf extermination and what were believed to be the last wolves in Colorado. Almost a century later, much has been learned about predator ecology. Original text is accompanied by ...
  • Land, politics, and memory in five Nija'ib' K'iche' títulos : "The title and proof of our ancestors" 

    Contributor:Matsumoto, Mallory
    Five highland Maya títulos composed in the sixteenth century by the Nija'ib K'iche' of Guatemala. Each manuscript provides a copy of the original, a transcription of the sixteenth-century modified Latin script, a morphologic ...
  • The Lisu : far from the ruler 

    Contributor:Zack, Michele
    Descriptive accounts of Lisu individuals, communities, regions, and practices brings the Lisu and their distinct, ironic worldview to life. A view of humanity's transition from border-free tribal groupings into today's ...
  • Identity politics of difference : the mixed-race American Indian experience 

    Contributor:Montgomery, Michelle R.
    A multidisciplinary approach to questions of identity construction and multiracialism through the experiences of mixed-race Native American students at a tribal. Explores the multiple ways in which students navigate, ...
  • Uncertain times : anthropological approaches to labor in a neoliberal world 

    Contributor:Durrenberger, E. Paul
    The first-ever collection of labor anthropology from around the world, Uncertain Times addresses the theory that traditional labor union organization has been co-opted by the neoliberal policies of corporate capital and ...
  • An introduction to sociocultural anthropology : adaptations, structures, meanings 

    Contributor:Haines, David W.
    A concise yet comprehensive guide to cultural anthropology using a materialist approach. This revised and updated edition exposes students to the cultural detail and personal experiences that lie in the anthropological ...
  • Creating dialogues : indigenous perceptions and forms of leadership in Amazonia 

    Contributor:Veber, Hanne; Virtanen, Pirjo Kristiina
    Discusses contemporary forms of leadership in Amazonian indigenous groups. Examines the creation of indigenous leaders as political subjects in the context of contemporary state policies of democratization and exploitation ...
  • Basic K'ichee' grammar : 38 lessons 

    Contributor:Mondloch, James L.
    A pedagogical rather than reference grammar, the book is a thorough presentation of the basics of the K'ichee'-Maya language organized around graded grammatical lessons accompanied by drills and exercises. K'ichee'an ...

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