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      • 1-W cw Zn ion laser 

        Contributor:Meyer, J. D.; Rocca, Jorge J.; Collins, G. J.
        We have obtained 1.2W of cw laser power on the 4911.6- and 4924.0-Å transitions of Zn II by exciting a He-Zn gas mixture with a dc glow discharge electron beam. In addition, 0.25-W output power has been obtained on the ...
      • 1. 15-Foot Improved Venturi Flume, Holbrook Canal, Rocky Ford, Colorado 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station
        Plans for a 15-foot improved Venturi flume and discharge curve for the same flume in the Holbrook Canal, Holbrook Irrigation District, Rocky Ford, Colorado
      • 1. In the Dark 2. Flashes 

        Contributor:Stacy, Jess
      • 1/4 acre of onions on F. L. Childs place in Greeley. Yield 800 bu per acre [with people] -- F. E. Baker 

        Contributor:Baker, F. E. (Frank Edwin), 1849-1939
      • 1/f noise for intermittent quantum dots exhibits nonstationarity and critical exponents 

        Contributor:Sadegh, Sanaz; Barkai, Eli; Krapf, Diego
        The power spectrum of quantum dot (QD) fluorescence exhibits 1/ƒ β noise, related to the intermittency of these nanosystems. As in other systems exhibiting 1/ƒ noise, this power spectrum is not integrable at low frequencies, ...
      • 10 & 1000 

        Contributor:Won, You-Hong
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      • 10 - Big data => wisdom 

        Contributor:Madigan, David
        This December 11, 2014 think tank discussed issues around the methodologies for optimizing the robustness and use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) data for a variety of clinical research purposes. Experts in both accessing ...
      • 10 Anos de la Bienal Internacional del Cartel en Mexico 

        Contributor:Granados, Marta
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      • #10 Claims for personal and property damage; complaint and answers, other legal papers 

        Contributor:Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company
        Court filings, correspondence, and other documents from disagreements over property rights, property damage, and other complaints in which Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company was involved
      • 10 schoolhouses 

        Contributor:Sargent, Christopher Gilbert, 1872-
        Ten photographs showing ten different buildings in various locations.
      • 10 schoolhouses 

        Contributor:Sargent, Christopher Gilbert, 1872-
        Ten photographs showing ten different buildings in various locations.
      • 10 tips for successful family meetings 

        Contributor:Fetsch, R. J.; Jacobson, B.; Colorado State University. Extension; Colorado State University. Cooperative Extension Service
      • 10 x 10 x 10 

        Contributor:Camplani, Enrico; Pescolderung, Gianluigi
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      • [10 years of the National Centre for Contemporary Art] 

        Contributor:Logvin, Andrey
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      • 10. Box Elder Reservoir Co., 12 -- Improved Venturi Flume, June 1926 

        Contributor:Parshall, Ralph L. (Ralph Leroy), 1881-1959
        A bill of material and plans for a 12-foot improved Venturi flume built for the Box Elder Reservoir Company
      • [10. Izlozba Pozorisnog Plakata] 

        Contributor:Dobanovacki, Branislav
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      • $100 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        Tall stack of silver dollars and a small stack of various coins.
      • 100 Anos de Cinema Portugues 

        Contributor:Machado, Joao
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      • 100 Beste Plakate 2006 

        Contributor:Brechbuhl, Erich
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      • 100 Carteles de Mexico 

        Contributor:Granados, Marta
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