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      • N-Heterocyclic carbene catalysis : application to the total synthesis of cephalimysin A, and development of multicatalytic cascade reactions 

        Contributor:Lathrop, Stephen Paul;
        Date Submitted:2011
        Application of the N-Heterocyclic carbene catalyzed Stetter reaction to the total synthesis of 9-epi-cephalimysin A has been realized. The approach centers on the use of an asymmetric catalytic Stetter reaction to access ...
      • N-heterocyclic carbene catalyzed α-redox reaction : catalytic synthesis of amides and carboxylic acids 

        Contributor:Vora, Harit;
        Date Submitted:2011
        N-heterocyclic carbene catalyzed α-redox reaction has been utilized towards the catalytic synthesis of amides utilizing amines and substoichiometric quantities of an acyl transfer reagent in a waste reduced acylation ...
      • N.E. Morgan - Farmers and Farm Bureau 

        Contributor:Colorado Agricultural College
        A man with tanned face, and a white forehead, smiles slightly as he looks to his left. On the right lapel of his suit jacket is a white piece of paper.
      • N.W.1/4, Sec.36, T.1S., R.72W. : Boulder Gorge Mining, Milling & Power map no.1, Boulder County, Colorado 

        Date Issued:19--
        Covers parts of Boulder County, Colorado. Covers parts of the Gold Hill quadrangle, Colorado. Commodities mined: Gold, and Silver.
      • NABII : network alignment based on interactions intensity 

        Contributor:Alhubail, Fadilh;
        Date Submitted:2015
        This thesis studies protein-protein interaction (PPI) network alignment, one of the fundamental problems in biological network analysis that maps the proteins of one network in correspondence with the proteins of another ...
      • Nacionalna i sveucilisna knjiznica, 1607-2007 

        Contributor:Ljubicic, Boris
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      • Nadir sounding of clouds and aerosols in the O2 A-band 

        Contributor:Heidinger, Andrew K.; Stephens, Graeme L., 1952-; Colorado State University. Department of Atmospheric Science
      • Nagahama 

        Contributor:Iwasaki, Takahiro
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      • Nagasaki 

        Contributor:Thorpe, James
        Date:2013 or 2014?
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      • Naibauer family : Weld County RMFU members 

        The Naibauer family were Weld County RMFU members. Right to left: Rosie Naibauer, David Naibauer, and their daughter Gloria Naibauer; 2nd man is unidentified.
      • Nail withdrawal properties of beetle-transmitted blue-stain fungus in lodgepole pine dimensional lumber 

        Contributor:Mizell, Michael Vincent;
        Date Submitted:2011
        The mountain pine beetle has existed in North American forests for many years to some extent, yet it has reached levels of epidemic proportions is recent years. The recent damage in our forests has been growing at an ...
      • Nakajima Design Exhibition 

        Contributor:Xu, Wang
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      • Naky Ja Viesti 

        Contributor:Aartomaa, Tapani, 1934-
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      • Nalinlar 

        Contributor:Altintas, Yurdaer, 1935-
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      • Nambe Falls Dam 

        Contributor:Nielsen, Lee W.
        Image of Nambe Falls Dam and Reservoir in New Mexico
      • Naming what we know : threshold concepts of writing studies 

        Contributor:Adler-Kassner, Linda; Wardle, Elizabeth
        Naming What We Know examines the core principles of knowledge in the discipline of writing studies using the lens of threshold concepts"--concepts that are critical for epistemological participation in a discipline. The ...
      • Nancy Hartley with a graduate 

        Contributor:Cotton, William A.
        Dean Nancy Hartley congratulates a graduate at the Colorado State University College of Applied Human Sciences Spring 2004 Commencement Ceremony at Moby Arena, May 14, 2004.
      • Nancy Hartley, Larry Grosse and Joseph and Lois Phelps 

        Contributor:Cotton, William A.
        College of Applied Human Sciences Dean Nancy Hartley, Manufacturing Technology and Construction Management department head Larry Grosse and Joseph and Lois Phelps pose for a photo after Joseph Phelps was awarded the degree ...
      • Nancy Jane 

        Contributor:Roy Palmer's Alabama Rascals
      • Nancy Levinger 

        Contributor:Cotton, William A.
        Colorado State University Chemistry Professor Nancy Levinger smiles after the inauguration of Chancellor Blake and President Frank, September 17, 2009.