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  • Converging or Colliding: staff perceptions of diversity 

    Moser, Tina; Nugent, Ruby; Langdon, Amanda
    OBJECTIVE: To survey Library staff on their perceptions concerning diversity in the workplace.
  • If you could have three library wishes, what would they be? 

    De Santis, Melissa; Fontenelle, Cathalina; Houghton, Vivienne
    We have a Strategic Plan and it's called "Doing Things." Why we did it: to gather feedback for the 5-year, 2013-2017, Strategic Plan.
  • Henry "Red" Allen 

    Allen, Henry "Red," trumpet, vocal; Higginbotham, J. C., trombone; Nicholas, Albert, clarinet; Holmes, Charles, alto saxophone; Russell, Luis, piano, chimes; Johnson, Will, guitar; Foster, George "Pops," bass; Barbarin, Paul, drums; Hill, Teddy, tenor saxophone; Archey, Jimmy, trombone; Hill, Ernest, bass; Walton, Greeley, tenor saxophone; Oliver, King, trumpet; Nelson, Dave, trumpet; Paque, Glyn, alto saxophone; Jefferson, Hilton, alto saxophone; Frazier, Charles, tenor saxophone; Duncan, Hank, piano; Taylor, Arthur, banjo; Moore, Freddie, drums; Smith, Russell, trumpet; Thomas, Joe, trumpet; Johnson, Keg, trombone; Williams, Sandy, trombone; Bailey, Buster, clarinet; Procope, Russell, alto saxophone; Hawkins, Coleman, tenor saxophone; Henderson, Fletcher, piano; Addison, Bernard, guitar; Kirby, John, bass; Angle, Vic, drums; Stovall, Don, alto saxophone; Thompson, Bill, piano; Moten, Clarence, bass; Burroughs, Alvin, drums; Napoleon, Marty, piano; Barksdale, Everett, guitar; Trotman, Lloyd, bass; Cole, Cozy, drums; King Oliver and his Orchestra; Fletcher Henderson Orchestra; Henry "Red" Allen and his Orchestra; Henry "Red" Allen All Stars; Lipskin, Mike (Colorado State University. LibrariesRCA Victor Records, 1968)
  • Hello baby 

    Etting, Ruth; Bloom, Rube; Lang, Eddie; Mosiello, Mike; Duffy, Al; Sannella, Andy; Dorsey, Tommy; Butterfield, Charlie; Dorsey, Jimmy; Signorelli, Frank; Tarto, Joe; Klein, Manny; Adler, Larry; Spivak, Charlie; Kellner, Murray; Alter, Lou; Art Kahn's Orchestra; Caplin, Arnold S. (Colorado State University. LibrariesBiograph Records, 1973)
  • Harlem piano solos by Luckey Roberts ; Harlem piano solos by Willie 'The Lion' Smith 

    Roberts, Luckey; Smith, Willie "The Lion"; Koenig, Lester (Colorado State University. LibrariesGood Time Jazz Record Co., 1960)

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