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  • Loss and plenty : a banquet of age and spirit 

    Author:Sternlieb, Susan Joy
    Date Submitted:2000
    This exhibition presents a still life tableau on a wooden banquet table, eighteen feet by three and one half feet. The objects on the table are platters, bowls, shards and potatoes of fired clay and urethane rubber. All ...
  • Gloss : an incomplete glossary 

    Author:Lindsten, Scott
    Date Submitted:2000
    Artmaking at the end of the twentieth century became engulfed by theory. In the wake of such movements as poststructuralism, deconstructionism, and postmodernism, came a reexamination of aesthetics which incorporated an ...
  • Forging across boundaries 

    Author:Bereza, Gene Anthony
    Date Submitted:2002
    In this thesis I employ my art as a medium for personal narrative and my outlook of the world. I use forged metal in the majority of the works but I also employ other metalsmithing techniques and include non-metal materials ...
  • Naturaleza muerta 

    Author:Mott, Cynthia
    Date Submitted:1995
    I am constantly seeking out images that surround my daily life. I am attracted to the refuse of man-made objects that are left behind in varying states of decay. They become the records of existence, of the comings and ...
  • The ubiquitious equine 

    Author:Kaup, Karla M. Parker
    Date Submitted:1995
    I have been a connoisseur of the American back road for quite some time now. "Rural America" is a subculture that is quiet, yet powerful. As I swallow endless ribbons of asphalt one common sight has captivated me all my ...

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