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  • Serenity and severity 

    Seeling, Caleb
    Serenity and severity form a classic Western dichotomy with many manifestations. Beautiful growth and renewal follow a terrifying and destructive forest fire. Rain upon a hayfield can be interpreted as grace or judgment ...
  • House of sugar, house of stone : poems 

    Pérez, Emily
    These poems are suggested by themes and characters found in Grimm's Fairy Tales.
  • Stories in stone : the enchanted gem carving of Vasily Konovalenko 

    Nash, Stephen E.; Wicker, Richard M.; Hagadorn, James W.; Muntian, Tatiana
    The first comprehensive treatment of the life of this poorly known Russian artist and the remarkable history of his unique, dynamic, and theatrical sculptures that stand alone in the gem carving world--provided by publisher.
  • Voices from Vilcabamba : accounts chronicling the fall of the Inca Empire 

    Bauer, Brian S.; Halac-Higashimori, Madeleine; Cantarutti, Gabriel E.
    An overview of major events that occurred in the Vilcabamba region of Peru during the final decades of Inca rule and English translations of several major period documents. A new source of important archival and archaeological ...

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