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  • The Criterion, 1976 

    Author:Unknown author
  • The Criterion, 1942 

    Author:Unknown author
  • The Jonah Jones Quartet 

    Author:The Jonah Jones Quartet
    Date Issued:undated
  • A hodge podge of off-beat jazz - vol. 2 

    Author:Martinez, Frank; Krisher, Frank; Clapp, Sonny; Steele, Blue; Sanford, Roger; Sargent, Kenney; Schmidt, Pete; Lewis, Sol; Delmarter, Ted; Longfellow, Mary; Summers, Tom; Greenberg, Harry; Harris, Al; Baker, Earl; Miller, Glen; Goodman, Benny; Rodin, Gil; Livingston, Fud; Allen, Wayne; Kurzenknable, J.; Goodman, Harry; Pollack, Ben; Geiger, Earl; Mayhew, Bob; Mayhew, Gus; Kemp, Hal; Gillespie, Joe; Williams, Ben; Dowell, Saxie; Trotter, John Scott; Kintzle, Gene; Weston, Paul; Ennis, Skinnay; Brewer, Les; Tewkesbury, Clay; Benedict, William; Stillson, Ray; Dale, Charles; Bartlett, Howard; Buckwalter, Charles; Masterson, Frank; Groff, Elwood; Strouse, John; Temple, George; Brown, John; James, Jelly; Williams, Fess; Holmes, Bobby; Smith, Perry; Duncan, Henry; Blackwell, Ollie; Casamore, Emanuel; Bedell, Ralph; Quealey, Chelsea; Philburn, Al; Davis, Bobby; Ruby, Sam; Rollini, Adrian; Goofus, Russin Jack; Felline, Tommy; Weill, Herb; Challis, Beth; Connatt, Max; Hall, George; Cranz, Thurlow; Dornberger, Charles; Borland, C. C.; Gammon, George; Carlson, Russ; Dring, Perry; Hill, Bob; Skinner, Carl; Domenique, Natty; Dutray, Honore; Dodds, Johny; Alexander, Charlie; Johnson, Bill; Dodds, Warren "Baby"; Lopez, Ray; Martin, Slim; Welton, Jim; Keyes, Zip; Baker, Al; Fenimore, Howard; Podolsky, Harry; Newman, Al; Pierce, Charles; Garcia, Jake; Lyman, Abe; Napoleon, Phil; McConville, Leo; Schutt, Arthur; Tarto, Joe; King, Stan; Miley, Bubber; Whetsel, Arthur; Nanton, Joe; Hodges, Johnny; Bigard, Barney; Carney, Harry; Ellington, Duke; Guy, Fred; Braud, Wellman; Greer, Sonny; Johnson, Johnny; Mendell, Johnny; Rinker, Carl; O'Brian, Floyd; Jacobson, Bud; Platt, Mike; Shukin, Phil; Otto, Bill; Campbell, Roy; Terry, Thelma; Krupa, Gene; Mosiello, Mike; Dorsey, Tommy; Robison, Carson; Secrest, Andy; Margulis, C.; Rank, Bill; Daley, Bernard; Strickfadden, Charles; Friedman, Izzy; Whiteman, Henry; Carmichael, Hoagy; Lang, Eddie; Trifficante, Mike; Marsh, George; Bratton, Eddie; Hendrickson, Norman; Hall, Dick; Swaline, Arthur; Backer, Les; Greene, Gordon; Anderson, Walter; Blue Steele & his Orchestra; Ben Pollack & his Orchestra; Carolina Club Orchestra; Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders; Fess Williams & his Royal Flush Orchestra; The Goofus Five; Garden Dancing Palace Orchestra; Charles Dornberger & his Orchestra; Johnny Dodd's Washboard Band; Abe Lyman's California Orchestra; The Charleston Chasers; Duke Ellington & his Orchestra; Thelma Terry & her Playboys; The Carson Robison Orchestra; Eddy Lang & his Orchestra; Walter Anderson & his Golden Pheasant Hoodlums
    Date Issued:1973
  • Library 

    Author:Colorado State University
    The Library at the end of construction. A truck and a car are parked on the street in front of the library and a pile of lumber is beside the entrance to the building.

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