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  • Jack Tschida : capstone 

    Tschida, Jack
    The artist's statement: I believe that anyone can be an artist. To me, art isn't about fancy paintings or grandiose sculpture, art is about how you approach a process. An artist is someone who is passionate, who gives ...
  • Jeri Nichols-Park : capstone 

    Nichols-Park, Jeri
    The artist's statement: Having experimented with many media, techniques, and materials, my art has continued to evolve over many years. My “go-to” tool has always been pencil, easy to use, easy to erase, easy to make ...
  • Miguel Ontiveros : capstone 

    Ontiveros, Miguel
    The artist's statement: A Closer Look & Forgotten Stories: We walk by hundreds of people every day, but how much do we really notice? At a glance, we all have the same features – eyes, a nose, a mouth – but it is the unique ...

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